Circular firing squad getting warmed up

In the great, liberal state of Minnesota, the Somalis are getting uppity (via Vox Popoli) as old, white Democrats find themselves challenged for the levers of power by the ethnic minorities (now majorities) they formerly championed.

Elsewhere, Sailer hilariously dissects this rant by an upper-caste, American-born Gujarati named Suketu Mehta against Han ubermenschen Amy Chua. I assume the foks who follow here have already read this. If not, please click that link.

As a follow-up, Time magazine ran this riposte from Vivia Chen, who runs a blog called, no kidding, The Careerist. Here's an example of Vivia's work.

This is not Vivia, by the way:

This is Vivia (in the mink):

All the old Marxists railing about class struggle have got to be disappointed, what with all these ethnic minorities knifing each other in the ribs, jockeying for power and status. On the other hand, they can take some comfort from this inspiring story of multicultural proles uniting to pull a Vietnamese member of the overpaid US bourgeoisie from his Range Rover and bringing him down a peg or two.

This should all end well.


Unknown said…
An ugly woman in a mink stole. How could I not stare at this strange apparition?