Libertarianism and liberalism

From Marginal Revolution.

Libertarianism, in my view, has gotten as hilariously backward-looking as liberalism.

The modern liberal narrative, for example, is of cruel WASP overlords brutalizing their servile, foot-shuffling Negro untermenschen. Modern liberals think Sarah Palin and her fans are stockpiling the Zyklon-B and readying their cattle prods to herd the Jews, homosexuals and Jewish homosexuals on to the cattle cars.

Similarly, the libertarian narrative is that any day now, FASCISM will cement its iron grip on America. The Border Patrol will roll out the barbed wire and poor Bill Gates and Larry Ellison will be shackled to their desks, forced to produce enterprise software for the FASCIST death camps. High-g Dravidians and Han Chinese will be halted at the border, fingers draped over the chain link fence, weeping for their shattered dream of funding transfer payments to US net tax consumers.

Never mind that fascism was a discrete, historical phenomenon of inter-War competition for State power with communism after the fall of the European monarchies. Does anybody really believe in the State uber alles, any more than people say they believe in the Nordic pantheon, or that the nation's people and resources can pass through monarchical succession? There are very few people around who could think in such terms, even assuming they wanted to.

Libertarians, such as the Mises Institute and, are actually engaged in deflection of the worst kind. Their articles are largely silent on what we know happens exactly when the central State scales up into unsustainable complexity:

1. The State's legitimacy evaporates;
2. The State's civil order breaks down along ethnic and cultural fault lines;
3. The new erstwhile sovereigns compete for State power.

This is an old, old script. We saw it with the fall of Rome, Weimar Germany, the collapse of the USSR, Iraq, Libya and post-Katrina New Orleans. When TSHTF, the least of anybody's problems are "police brutality" or bureaucratic overreach--the police and bureaucrats have all left their posts to protect their families.

The libertarians are doing backflips around these issues. They seriously think that when the State's ersatz bonds dissolve, nobody will have anything to fall back on.


Bert said…
That's pretty much everything Sean Scallon has ever written.
This is a bit too overwrought.
A simple thought for you. If everything in the Ron Paul policy plank was implemented, would that be positive or negative? I'm pretty sure you'd agree it would be a huge boon for the country.
Your theatrical riposte of libertarian panty-wetting belies the fact that most of the destruction of civil society today is caused by BUREAUCRATS.
It's the bureaucrats of EEOC and others forcing the relentless march of affirmative action. It's the bureaucrats shutting off more and more productive land to blue collar working class jobs. It's the bureaucrats overriding immigration law to give 'DREAMers' defacto residency. Etc etc.

So, again, why this hate for libertarians? The bureaucrats deserve it all. And now that the cops are shooting Marines and white kids, you are still defending their heavy handedness. Why is it inevitable that the Pentagon keep providing military gear to local PDs? Is that also the 'cost of diversity'? I don't see much use for Bearcats in Nowhereville, Kansas.

Also, are you completely confident that NSA-like capability won't be used to sniff out heretics and non-PC crimethinkers like you in 10 years?
I've been in a grumpy mood lately.

I'm expressing my frustration at what appear to me as the complete eviction of any traditionalist thinking from places like There are some scary non-state conflicts brewing out there, and the FASCISM mantra is so constant I wonder if it's a deliberate deflection. I think our future is going to look a lot more like Syria and Honduras than The Hunger Games.

I still think Lew Rockwell's Thirty Day Plan is fantastic. I wish he'd do more writing like that.
Bert said…
Of course it's a deliberate deflection. Being accused of racism is practically a Scarlet Letter these days, so they'll avoid such talk as much as possible.
I agree with you. The 'fascism' mantra is very tired and grating. But I just headed over to
and this is what I see

1) Triumph of the Mediocre
Take Hillary, for example. Please. Article by Theodore Dalrymple.

2) A Self-Absorbed Ruling Class and Its Minions
Fred Reed on the disgusting Washington, DC.

9) The Bible Is Anti-Government
Paul Rosenberg offers some passages.

out of a total of 12 items. Fred Reed is a breath of fresh air and common sense, and Dalrymple is a solid traditionalist.

3 out 12 ain't bad I think.
Also the offshoots of the Mises crowd such as Tom Woods are solid Catholic traditionalists while also being libertarians who deride the social justice nonsense.

I think I understand that you are frustrated with libertarians because you agree with them a lot and wish for them to see 'the light' as it were with neoreaction.
Gyan said…
The 30-day plan is silly. I should like to know what exactly is the role of State according to
Keep the streets safe; keep the barbarians out.
Gyan said…
The night watchman state presumes the existence of great deal of social consensus.

The question is whether the night watchman state is conducive to the continued existence of the requisite social consensus.
The night watchman state presumes the existence of great deal of social consensus.

Agreed. The night watchman state is for close-knit, homogenous cultures with strong institutions.

The question is whether the night watchman state is conducive to the continued existence of the requisite social consensus.

See above. Unfortunately, classically liberal societies are easily hijacked by illiberal people.

This is the history of the decline and fall of the West. We got wealthy and soft and forgot what generated the surplus that enables indulgences like the welfare state.

Thus, in the end, I still find myself back with the libertarians. If you want to save the West, then the State has got to go. And next time, the bolsheviks aren't even allowed in and we pick our own damn cotton.