What did I just see?

This really is the First Lady.

What's always kind of struck me is how "black" Michelle Obama is and how "white" Barack Obama is, which I truly have no problem with on a personal level. After all, if I were black, I'd be "black" and since I'm white, I'm "white."

Michelle Obama has a mostly black staff and seems somewhat chafed at being in a white man's world (the US Executive branch and its Western counterparts are still very white, masculine places). At the executive level, Barack Obama surrounds himself with white and Jewish men and appoints dowdy old women to important posts. He's also quite uncomfortable around his touchy-feely Vice President and apparently relishes his downtime smoking cigarettes and golfing or playing basketball with his younger, high-g black and white subordinates.

Of course, I'd probably be uncomfortable around the grabby Joe Biden and relish the time hanging with my crew of smart, fit men who are paid to be nice to me in our lavish surroundings as well. I'd also be a little conflicted in the broader sense, after being sired by a Kenyan father who promptly lit out back to Kenya and then dumped by my clueless hippy mother on her white, upper-Midwestern parents.

Overall though, Barack Obama seems to do fine in his elite club of plenipotentiaries, at ease with Kenyans, Indonesians, Danes, English. Michelle Obama on the other hand doesn't appear to be having nearly such a good time.