Gandhian progression

The Dark Enlightenment has reached stage 2.

The Dark Enlightenment a/k/a Neo-Reaction, the Red Pill, Manosphere, Game, etc., is beginning to attract negative attention.

A certain Jamie Bartlett, who is apparently the Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at the think tank Demos has noticed. (What does this guy actually "direct" and "analyze?")

As has The Institute For Ethics & Emerging Transsexuals Technologies. (Here's a critique from one of the IEET's less mentally ill members.)

Scientist and author David Brin, who writes books about ideal societies ruled by cognitive elites--like him--has condemned Neo-Reaction as fascist and anti-democratic.

Noah Millman at the bizarrely un-American, anti-conservative American Conservative has weighed in.

Now, fat hysterical Mark Shea has waddled into the fray.

From my perspective, the Dark Enlightenment is pissing off all the right sort of people. So its Luminaries (I didn't make the list, by the way) can be assured they're in a good place.

Heavyweights like Bryce LaLiberte and Mencius Moldbug are constructing a systematic intellectual framework. For lighter thinkers like me, the engaging RAMZPAUL has put together a Dark Enlightenment for Dummies.

The bullet points:

1. Not everything unleashed by the Enlightenment was good, hence the "Dark Enlightenment" as a reaction to same.
2. The Cathedral exists as an institutional alliance of Government, Academia and Business to further politically correct dogma and punish heretics. It is, in a real sense, religious and not just ideological.
3. Reality is not what the Cathedral tells us it is.
4. All men are not created equal; people are different in a variety of ways.
5. Democracy is a disaster. When Classical-era Greeks, Gilbert K. Chesterton and the American state's founders praise "democracy," what they are really praising is rule by property-owning men. The universal franchise is a farce and a slow-motion train wreck.


Scotsman said…
They are trying to make 'it' (as if many of the groups there agree on much - I am sure Thomas Fleming will love to know he is 'linked' to Pick Up Artists) something the SPLC can have an action report on, but it is just silly. Is there any one single thing that all of those groups/people agree on?

The closest thing I can come up with is that most of them do not like the leftist rule over human behavior in some fashion. That is about it; many of these people would be violently opposed to one another.
Bert said…
What a jackass that Mark Shea is. No wonder the Catholic Church is dying out if these are the best vanguards they can muster.
lannes said…
brilliant précis, but I wish you would leave out the profanity.
You're not a rock band or rapper, are you?
Gyan said…
GKC was for distributed property, so rule by owners would have been same as democracy.

Nothing wrong with that. Note that this is how you align ownership incentives with government incentives. Social democracy is a tragedy of the commons.