FDA acts decisively to curb super-bug threat

By banning your hand soap.

Not a word about hospitals and the human-Petri-dishes-on-ventilators which Robert Klassen has been writing about since 2006. Nothing about AIDS patients with non-functional immune systems shambling along in a fa├žade of health provided by anti-retroviral drug cocktails. No mention of sexual promiscuity and antibiotic-resistant STD's, even as 'chastity' has become a term of contempt. No discussion of the massive, massive over-prescription of antibiotics. (Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your gut as well. I know a woman, a hypochondriac, who had to have a portion of her intestine removed after it shut down from antibiotic abuse). And of course, never a word about the fact that most countries on the globe lack the technology and know-how for functioning sewage systems and waste disposal, as the denizens of such places are enthusiastically welcomed here.

I guess every little bit helps, but this is like complaining about secondhand cigarette smoke in cities with more gasoline engines than people.

This discussion is also notably absent from the awful saga of Jahi McMath's corpse. Too bad there's no cause of action for judicial malpractice.

The Jahi McMath story is also why I no longer call myself a libertarian.


Bert said…
I stopped calling myself a libertarian when I realized most of them are just middle-aged potheads.
The damage wreaked by people incapable of self-governance, and a democratic government devoted to indulging them, is horrifying.

We either hijack this process and get things headed in the other direction, or we face the awful prospect of throwing these folks overboard en masse before they wreck everything. Or, third option, they wreck everything.
lannes said…
one of your best essays, A-G
Northern Refugee said…
Please elaborate on why the Jahi McRath saga demonstrates the failure of libertarianism?
How does libertarianism work when large segments of the population don't even understand basic biology? These people are children. Do we just forcibly evict them all to Canada? Or re-institute slavery?
Northern Refugee said…
"How does libertarianism work when large segments of the population don't even understand basic biology? "

I am not trying to be flippant, but doesn't this also apply to young earth creationist? I know several who are completely ignorant of biology/astronomy/geology and yet are able to make positive contributions to society. Ignorance of science does not necessarily make one a drain on society.
I know simple people who still learned at some point that you shouldn't be a charge on others. We have millions of people who never make it that far. NAP, self-ownership, property, natural law are completely meaningless concepts to them. Again, what is to be done--mass deportations, enslavement?
lannes said…
I don't know what should be done with them, but I do know what should NOT be done, and that is
to judge them. They are Someone else's servants, not yours.
Anonymous said…
Yeah lannes, and it's not hard to figure out whose. "The devil makes work for idle hands" and all that.