Pondering the imponderable

Ramzpaul and I have been pondering the same things lately.

As a Libertarian I believed that people should be able to do whatever they wanted as long as it did not harm another. While that is nice in theory, in reality when people act in an irresponsible manner (such as having hordes of bastard children) this creates a country that is crime infested and poor. Eventually the thugs and trash out breed the people that support civilization. And people who are raised to say "mutherfucker" and "suck my dick" as toddlers aren't likely to grow up as adults who value the quaint notions of Liberty and rule of law. They will simply demand loot from the few people who still produce. The end result is Zimbabwe style starvation.

Democracy, where people get to vote themselves their own transfer payments, is this process on steroids.

Libertarianism has an intractable problem: a substantial number of people lack the general intelligence and impulse control necessary for self-sufficient existence in a free society. In a libertarian society, you will have to get comfortable with the sight of the starving poor, because every scrap of bread and penny you give them as voluntary alms will go to the same stupid, wasteful ends in which the poor indulged under the welfare state.

Either the libertarians bring back slavery, or they carve out their own separate territories and exile dissenters and patrol the borders with machine guns. And thus ends the libertarian ideal.


lannes said…
Eisenhower believed that government should not interfere with people having babies. That position is rapidly becoming untenable.
Bert said…
Hey Anti-Gnostic, could you make a post about the recent spat of gay marriage bans being overturned by federal judges? I'm interested to know your opinion on the matter.
Bob Wallace said…
Libertarianism is only for smart, ethical white people. And there ain't a whole lot of us.
Anonymous said…
How come you don't post at salo anymore?