K-selection and r-selection

Gyan asks:
As the West is undergoing a great social shake-up, is it possible that the children of K-selected individuals display r-selected traits?
The answer is, no. K-selected parents raise hothouse flowers. They build high-trust societies so their children can flourish. When their society is breached, they withdraw. When they can't withdraw, they shut down. They will not engage in an r-selected race to the bottom with their enemies.

There is an alternative to withdrawal, but it's not considered polite to talk about it.

This keeps playing out over and over and nobody ever seems to retain any lessons from it: Byzantine extinction in the Middle East, Third World brain drain, white flight to the suburbs.

That seems to be the progressivist, Modernist mindset at work: experience can teach us nothing because this time, it's different! This time things will all work out somehow.

Simultaneously, there's this incongruent, backwards-looking strain in Progressivism. Activists seem genuinely worried that the poor will die of starvation instead of Type 2 diabetes and cardio-pulmonary disease; that blacks everywhere live in fear of white vigilantes mowing them down on the way home from the convenience store; that without legal, late-term abortion, Bible-thumping patriarchs will barter for wives and impregnate them with ten kids each.


Maureen Coffey said…
Isn't it equally true that the tide raises all ships and that technological progress, if it could be harnessed, would increase productivity, would increase "wealth" and its distribution along a Gaussian curve would also benefit those at the "low" end eventually?
Gyan said…
Birth rates are falling everywhere. Iran is down to 1.6 and even India is at 2.5

Does that mean that r-selected individuals/populations are now displaying K-selected traits?
Anonymous said…
Birth rates aren't falling in Sub-Saharan Africa. If whites remain in their current passive/degenerate state Europe will be swallowed up by Africa.
Iran is a paradox to me. The Iranian immigrants I've known have been stellar. Very handsome, refined people. But supposedly the average IQ of Iran is 85 which doesn't seem right. Maybe Ingemar can weigh in.

India - definitely no. Maybe they're finally getting so crowded even the rabbles' ovaries are shutting down. Incredibly corrupt, neglectful country.
@Maureen - the form that takes is putting pictographs on McDonald's cash registers.
Ingemar said…

I'm not Iranian.
Somebody around these parts made a comment that suggested they were Iranian; I thought it was you.
DeepSouthPopulist said…
Good stuff. I found you through TAC. I'm surprised TAC doesn't delete your comments. They delete mine often.
lannes said…
The Crusaders were proud to be Islamophobic....
Anonymous said…
I have a little place in my heart for India, its the only country together with Japan that the judaic religion (xtianity, iSlam, marxism) didn't take over, at least completely like in the West and Middle-East.

Too bad is a corrupt shithole... Professor Revilo Oliver said that the destiny of the Aryan race is too create civillization and disappear with miscegenation...