The Cathedral notices Neo-Reaction

And predictably, does not like what it sees.

Tech Crunch noticed (via Ad Orientem). One of the High Priests, David Brin, has been moved to repeat the canon for the faithful.

Mencius Moldbug has contributed in his inimitable fashion. I follow with my own standard-deviation-lower effort.

From the comments at TechCrunch and from David Brin, you see the straw men getting deployed early on. Without democracy, Kim Jong Un, nay, Hitler! Never mind that the Kim family is exactly the product of the socialist Revolution, and Hitler was a perfectly legitimate democrat. In any event, the democrats can probably put away the smelling salts. Monarchy (which, as we've all been drilled from birth, is the most horrible form of government ever devised) will probably not be coming back. Only a tremendous reset along the lines of nuclear war or plague, cataclysms large enough to eliminate all public claims to territory, would clear the decks sufficiently for a monarch to emerge. Not impossible, but not at all probable.

One thing can be predicted with certainty, and that is democracy will end. Democracy may shamble on in some pretentious form. Legislators will vote on 1,000 page laws they don't read which are drafted entirely by lobbyists; the People will participate in multi-billion dollar electoral beauty pageants and irrelevant referenda while the real sovereigns exercise power. (Is this sounding familiar yet?) The democratic show may sputter on for quite some time, but democratic rule will end.

The democrats, Progressivists like David Brin, are in that part of the cycle known as Hubris. They literally believe such things like A can economically spend B's money on C, and that this process can go on forever. They have lots of reasons to think this way, being products of a K-selected society with vast amounts of capital built up over generations. This immense surplus has been deployed for the past half-century to democratic ends, including the subsidy of r-selected population groups. The lofty ideals of K-selected individuals are about to run up hard against the reality of r-selected majorities.

I don't think the elite will allow things to get that far. Unlike the lifestyles for which they demand tolerance by you, the elites generally do what's necessary to remain elite: be connected, get married, have kids and stay married to other elites. They have future time orientation even if their customers don't. And if there's one thing upper crust parents know how to do, it's do whatever's legal to assure as best they can that their children maintain the same living standards. I don't think Idiocracy will be allowed to happen.

The future will not be the democratic Arab Spring, currently playing out in Iraq, Libya and Syria but fortunately crushed under tank treads in Egypt. Christians will not be gunned down inside their burning churches for now. Future trends are all pointing in the other direction, toward authoritarian, mercantilist rule, as in places like Dubai and Singapore. Representative democracies like Australia, Norway and Switzerland are already seeing the writing on the wall and pulling up the ladders ahead of the mass, r-selected immigrant flood. By contrast, consumptive societies that no longer believe in themselves are doubling down on democracy, even as their elites withdraw to their own tastefully preserved, downright traditional enclaves. Educated schleps like me will aspire to jobs there.

As democracy runs its course to socialism and chaos, commercial enterprises will evolve to purchase sovereign powers from desperate, bankrupt governments, or they will be given them by desperate, impoverished citizens. Over time, these enterprises will acquire a hereditary character.

The Neo-reactionaries are ahead of the curve. The democrats are still stuck in Year Zero.


SixtusVIth said…
Hi zissou!

Don't suppose you know where Salo went?
Nope. I resigned from there as well.
Anonymous said…
So corporations will be the new monarchy?
Yep. :-(

I really don't see a way around that one, unless we go back to gauging such things by martial prowess.

I guess there's also the possibility the mercs the companies hire to maintain their holdings could demand some role in the administration as well. Battlefield commanders could rise in the new hierarchy.
Anonymous said…
The corporations would be beholden to men at arms - mercs, militias, ethnic gangs, etc. The men at arms would charge the corporations protection money i.e. tax them and charge them rent.
Scotsman said…
I think it is a bit silly to rant about the pitfalls of democracy (not you of course, but cranks like Moldbug - the only Jewish Atheist Monarchist I know of), when the whole process has been so careful controlled and manipulated since at least the 1930s.

That isn't to say I put some faith in mass democracy, far from it, but the critique of some of these 'neo-reactionary' writers feels a bit dated.

I've thought for awhile that neo-monarchs would actually prefer the current situation - a fiction of democratic rule is established and believed, when behind the scenes all is well and the process is tightly controlled by globalists and the media.

The mass media was really a game changer in a number of ways. They became a new subset of the ruling class.
That's something I've never gotten a satisfactory answer on. I asked folks at Mangan's how they expect to build a cohesive, sustainable society without a religious tradition. There's a very vocal group that wants to go back to Nordic paganism, which is about as viable as going back to the Greek pantheon.
Anonymous said…
You won't be able to build a sustainable society in scale without a religious tradition.

The thing is modernity is not going to get that free capital this time out since there isn't a single religion that really meets modern needs,

Going back to Christianity is no solution. Its not a bad religion in some forms but in truth its a warmed over Middle Eastern meme, Judaism 2.0 and its the last thing the West needs

The key I think is too build smaller homogeneous societies with localized folk belief systems that sustain themselves.

Think Iceland (well mostly) as your model not the US.

And note, Icelanders aren't especially religious though they do have a wide range of folk beliefs

Do as John Robb via Boyd mentions and build network tribes to defend yourselves from Imperial societies.

As to the other options, Hellenic Reconstructed Neo-Paganism isn't doing all that bad considering the amount of clout the Orthodox Church, a very jealous Church has put against it. Its however for Greeks and few others and of little use for those of us who are not Greeks

Asatru, the largest form of the worship of the Norse Gods does not scale to all Euro Folk, despite what Stephen McNallen, a man I greatly admire, thinks.

It has room to grow despite its political schisms but I find it highly improbable that it will be the next big thing. Now I could be wrong, Christianity was pretty obscure once.

We do need spiritual sustenance as a culture and race to be sure but I think if we try to scale it, we will have to do that by creating a concept of the West we can agree on

If we do that we will need to intellectually destroy the Leftists who undermine it and most importantly, make it work economically and socially.

The Left rose to power because of the failings of our system, hungry people get angry and make rash choices

Also that "collectivist/universalistic" ideology has long been part of our D.N.A.

Watt Tyler, the Levelers and other essentially socialist movements have been around for 3/4 of a millennium and universalistic ideas were part of Christianity and hence Christendom from the start.

And as technology improves , automation gets better the system will get less stable.

If we don't fix that main issue any future society will die on the vine since for the vast bulk of us who are becoming expendable will not want to be part of a society that isn't helping them personally

Frankly the meager rations of the Left and its crumbling Social Democracies for the bulk of people are better than starving for Monarchy.
Anonymous said…
Genuine paganism can't be reconstructed as a part of a top-down, imperial project. The entire notion of paganism is antithetical to any sort of top-down, metropolitan, imperial organization of religion. Paganism - the belief and worship of one's ancestors, land, natural environment, etc. - is something that develops organically from a lineage of people that are tied to each other, to a particular piece of land, natural way of life, etc. The word itself derives from "paganus", Latin for countryside, where such religious outlooks were found. Christianity and modernity have long destroyed paganism and the possible conditions for paganism in the West. Stephen McNallen may be more sincere than others but there's no way he can be competely genuine or sincere coming from a Christian and modern background. I don't think he believes in his bones in his ancestors and the gods the way a Chinaman or Eskimo might. That isn't to say that paganism couldn't develop again in the future in the West. But it would have to be an organic development following an extended period of close ties with each other and nature. You can't take an urbanized people who have been relatively rootless and have undergone hundreds, thousands of years of Christianity and a modern, materialist, scientific worldview and tell them to think about and worship the ancestors and the gods. The ancestors and the gods don't exist for such people.

Christianity also faces challenges due to the influence of modernity's materialist, scientific outlook. But it's definitely in a better position for reconstruction than genuine paganism. Its origins were in the urbanized world of the Roman Empire. And it's not antithetical at all to top-down, metropolitan, imperial organization. Paganism is antithetical to the entire notion of an urbanized society focused on "modern needs."
Anonymous said…
Also it's clear that contemporary right-wingers who are favorable towards paganism and write positively about it aren't really interested in genuine paganism. They are mainly motivated by anti-Christianity or have a purely instrumental view of religion as a means of creating and wielding group force and believe that paganism would better serve such purposes.
Anonymous said…
@ SixtusVith

I was confused by salo going down too, but it's still up at (notice the dash).
Anonymous said…
I was confused by salo going down too, but it's still up at (notice the dash).

That's the back-up site. The original site had to be shut down because the guy who runs it got caught trafficking in Croatian guys and running a Croatian call-boy ring in Canada.
Re: paganism, I agree with last anon. As with monarchy, the slate would have to be wiped squeaky clean--as in, the Earth scorched--before anything like that could ever even have a chance of taking root.