Post-racial America sure is racial

Via Byzantine, Texas.
Albanian Diocese launches Hispanic outreach in NJ
I'm reposting this article after it was brought to my attention that this effort is one sponsored by the Albanian Diocese and not by the Greek Archdiocese. My sincere hope is that the currently somewhat patchwork-heavy effort in Spanish-language resources divided amongst the OCA, Antiochians, and now the Albanians will grow increasingly well coordinated and comprehensive. Apologies to Father Rafael Melendez on the diocesan misattribution.
First, I didn't realize there was an "Albanian archdiocese" in the US. But of course there is.

I guess the next step is the Spanish Diocese of the Albanian Archdiocese of the OCA Metropolitanate.

Serious question, at what point does this 'nation of immigrants' become a nation of natives whose people have a motherland in their own right? I thought this significant national question was settled a long time ago.

My advice to SCOBA at this point is to put American Orthodox unity on hold until we see which nations are left standing after the current one dissolves.


lannes said…
"post-racial" is an idiotic term,
probably coined by a liberal.