Perspective on the Phillipines

David Yeagley comments on the disaster of the Phillipines (and that typhoon).
Many nations are sending mega-tons of supplies to the ravaged people, nations like the United States, Israel, and this does not include the military aid sent by Britain, Australia, the U.S. and others, to control the uncontrolled “human” disasters on the islands (including those caused by Muslims there). Chaos rules now, indeed. One wonders how a nations of over 105 million people could remain so weak, disorganized, chaotic, divided, and completely dependent for so long? It seems a permanent condition.

Ask any servicemen (particularly in the U.S. Navy) about the culture. Ask anyone who has been to the Philippines, lived there, and knows anything about the society. It is quite tribal, for starters. It also tends to be without morals, and without the most basic concepts of family discipline. The children are not “raised,” but raise themselves. They are often abandoned, as “street children.” (But the style of child care in an actual “family” is often similar to abandonment. There is little or no discipline practiced. It’s simply not in the culture.) It’s all about gangs. Hordes of child gangs, youth gangs, child trafficking sex gangs, and more recently jihadist gangs, all seek order and power. There is no real central command. Never has been. (Much of the gang activity has spread to the U.S., of course.) A godless dictator shows up now and then, like Ferdinand Marcos, or his wife, but even they have never succeeded in unifying the Philippine people, or establishing any reliable order...

Assessing the Philippine society, one has to wander how much different the aftermath of Haiyan is from the normal life on innumerable hordes of homeless who live off city garbage dumps anyway. This is an outrage. The Philippines is an outrage. Pouring in multimillion dollar aid packages has to be some sort of staged act, some kind of world theatrics. Who is trying to impress whom? and why? None of this has any effect on the nature and condition of Philippine society. We should start with building codes, perhaps. Mass destruction and loss of life usually happen to areas of highly concentrated population in profoundly substandard living conditions. Yet no one seems to learn any lessons, no matter how many times repeated in the world.
Mr. Yeagley raises a most inconvenient truth. There are a number of these post-Colonial, pseudo-nations out there that are perennially in the thrall of some disaster, requiring endless public and private aid. Why do we keep shoveling aid into these countries for absolutely no positive effect? Why should they even have independent governments? It's frankly criminal to tax such impoverished people to support whatever group of bandits call themselves their government at a given time. Anybody with enough intelligence and foresight that we'd actually want in charge is doubtless spending his time and energies trying to get the hell out.

Haiti, the Phillipines, numerous other countries are all r-selected social and cultural disasters that are barely capable of self-governance and unable to sustain a decent life for their citizens. They should frankly be re-colonized, and they probably will be.

One place bucking this awful trend appears to be Rwanda, under the intelligent, forward-thinking and occasionally ruthless hand of Paul Kagame.


Anonymous said…
This is going to be the asian century!
Gyan said…
What is the basis of applying r-selection theory to the Philippines?

Gyan said…
What was TFR for Europe two generations ago?

Is 3.1 really high?. And what is the reason for assigning a biological reason for TFR? Humans are not entirely biological, are they?
It's too high when the level of social capital is such that 'parenting' involves kicking the kids out of the scrap-lumber shack to forage in garbage dumps.

It's kind of hard to focus on theosis when your best shot at survival is to become a prostitute at age 12 and join a criminal gang. The Phillipine State lacks the human and social capital to support that kind of TFR when foreign aid will get millions over the infant mortality hump. We are subsidizing squalor.
Visibilium said…
Those weren't gang attacks, we were collecting pussy.

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Visibilium said…
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