Fat old lesbian worries she might have to live in North America

Wendy McElroy, via Conservative Blog for Peace.
Whether you want to leave or to enter America, gridlock and technicalities will not preserve those options forever. Senator Jack Reed, a co-sponsor of Ex-PATRIOT, has asserted, "American citizenship is a privilege.” It is a privilege that he and his ilk want to grant at their discretion. It is one of the surest indications of a police state: the inability to cross a border.
There's an invisible line around this purely artificial construct known as "my property" that it's a privilege to cross as well. And porn-obsessed freaks like Wendy might not be welcome. Sorry, Wendy.

Has this woman ever been in a Walmart? How does she think all those cheap first order goods got there? A million people cross the US border a year--am I supposed to be upset it's not more? Foreign capital pours into the US in the trillions of dollars for UST's and private securities. Where's Wendy's money headed--Mexico? Does she know why Microsoft has "offices" in Puerto Rico?

Like I say, libertarians are putting themselves on the margins of a lot of important debates.

UPDATE: I commented on Wendy's ignorance of the transnational movement of capital and labor at the OP but my comment got deleted. Apparently the Dollar Vigilante site doesn't extend the concept of "open borders" to the exchange of ideas.


Unknown said…
You should see what her sister looks like.
Anonymous said…
Alternative scenario: the border is allowed to remain porous whilst egress of productive citizens is barred or severely impeded.
That final scenario is an Eastern Bloc country. The government will have replaced a capitalist electorate with socialists.