The Eloi tax

Lion of the Blogosphere wishes Lawrence Auster were still around to comment on the fourteen-year old youth who slashed his 24-year old math teacher's throat and dumped her body in the woods.

Lion doesn't exactly recall how Lawrence Auster used to refer to these sorts of crimes but I do. He called these cases the Eloi tax, a tax "paid by liberals living under liberal rule who are so naive (or so deeply ideologically committed) as to take their liberalism straight. Meaning that they neglect to make unprincipled exceptions for themselves in order to protect themselves from the dreadful personal consequences of liberalism consistently applied." ("Eloi" were the hapless human prey from H.G. Wells's novella The Time Machine).

Thus, devout, idealistic Colleen Ritzer asks her hulking fourteen-year old student to stay after class for remedial help. After all, what harm could possibly result from being alone in a large, empty building with a bigger, stronger Dominican* male--how dare you even think such thoughts, you evil racist.

Pattern recognition evolved as a skill set over thousands of years to enable humans and other animals to assess and avoid threats based on limited information. A woman should have all sorts of alarm bells going off inside her head about being alone with a much bigger and stronger male with demonstrably low IQ and high T (fourteen and 6' 2"?).

Unfortunately, pattern recognition was educated right out of Miss Ritzer's head so she won't be passing on her genes.

* - Phillip Chism appears to be of mixed white-Dominican parentage.


lannes said…
Oscar Wilde said that only shallow people don't judge others by their
outward appearance. Liberals never tire of trying to prove him wrong.
Chris Harper said…