The blame game

The federal government's newspaper blames America for sending 'whackos' to Congress. (Via Ad Orientem). That piddling $2.7 trillion in annual tax receipts is just not enough, so we must incur more debt.

As a commenter at the linked thread notes, most Americans don't bother voting anymore. Elected officials are unresponsive and contemptuous of their own constituents. An arrogant, heavy-handed bureaucracy spies on citizens and kills them whenever its flak-jacketed, heavily armed LEO's feel the slightest discomfort. The government's military patrols the globe and intervenes in fights among people I don't know and don't care about, then the government invites them here.

And it occurs to me, when the property bubble burst in 2008, the American people wisely told the government to let the chips fall. Our democratic government of course did not listen, and the Fed proceeded to print money and hand it out, thereby enabling the Bubble to end all bubbles: the one in sovereign debt.

Blame? More like, we told you so.