Myth America

Gavin McInnes, at Taki's.

I actually expected a different column. That a high caste Dravidian is now Miss America underscores 'Myth America' indeed. America is not a distinctive people and, with much of her military overseas guarding other people's borders, not even a distinctive land. How long will people with no common history, no common culture and no common ancestry stick it out through thick and thin?

The majority of Americans apparently sided with their growing Levantine minority in opposing war in the Levant. What happens next time? I still hear the "immigrants will pay our pensions" argument. Are immigrants really coming here to pitch in with the transfer payments, or get while the gettin's good?

America was carved out of wilderness by Anglos and Celts and their slaves. Historically, her people prefer limited government and notwithstanding everybody else's bitching and moaning, are willing to tolerate all manner of different lifestyles. America, as Gavin points out, is in fact uniquely tolerant. No other country in the world has flattened hereditary, caste-based and sectarian barriers to entry to the extent of America.

Open borders and globalism require a highly centralized managerial State to keep a multi-cultural society from doing what such societies historically do, which is explode into bloodshed. Or collapse into permanent dysfunction, like the India that high caste Indians are fleeing. Managerialism means a very different country than the one founded by men who read Hume and Locke. This is the ultimate irony: the creedal nation known as America must perforce lose its creed.


SFG said…
Actually, if you're talking Levantines (Jews?), that's a shrinking population, and actually split on the war--the liberal ones opposed it out of a general low-grade pacifism, it was the neocons cheering for another Iraq Attaq.

Neither group means the rural Southern white any good, of course, but they are not the same and as in this case may work at cross purposes.
Levantines = Lebanese and Syrians.

Probably, the Sunnis in the US would appreciate some aerial bombardment of their Shi'ite rivals back home. I'm not sure which sect the USG will favor in 50 years when the Sunni-Shia rivalry starts playing out here.
lannes said…
A better title than "Myth America" for the new Miss America would be "Miss Harbinger".
Anonymous said…
>>> How long will people with no common history, no common culture and no common ancestry stick it out through thick and thin?

Yes, how long ==did== the Romans last?