The Hispanic vote

If the Republicans are sincerely competing for Hispanic voters as they never cease telling us, it strikes me that they should be making hay out of the George Zimmerman case.

Why aren't the Republicans stomping on the Obama administration with both feet for its DOJ witch hunt and rabble rousing against Peruvian-descended George Zimmerman?

Why isn't Marco Rubio giving press conferences in Spanish declaring that the jury vindicated the rights of all Americans, including zero-generation and first-generation immigrant Americans like George Zimmerman, to carry firearms for their personal protection and defend their neighborhoods from thugs?

I originally asked this on iSteve. One offered hypothesis was that the Republican leadership is dominated by homosexual dilettantes who truly have zero curiosity about either blacks or Hispanics. This would explain the prominence of the effete, prissy Lindsey Graham, who is actually only in his second Senate term as opposed to being the venerable, barnacled pillar of the Party that the national press would have you believe.

Speaking of the Party of demented old men, why does anybody still take this reckless fool seriously?
Mr. McCain opened his talk with General Dempsey with a pointed question: “Do you believe the continued costs and risks of our inaction in Syria are now worse for our national security interests than the costs and risks associated with limited military action?”

General Dempsey said the administration had been active in supporting Syrian rebel forces, and described his role as advising the president on the risks and benefits of military options. But he emphasized that only the civilian leadership could order military action.

“I am in favor of building a moderate opposition and supporting it,” General Dempsey said. “The question whether to support it with direct kinetic strikes is a decision for our elected officials, not for the senior military leader of the nation.”

His response frustrated Mr. McCain, who said that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs is “the sole military adviser” to the president and is obliged to advocate for or against combat.

via New York Times
In a sane system of governance, any politician who got shellacked as soundly as John McCain did back in 2000 would never be allowed near the levers of power again. Rather, they would be viewed with deep suspicion, as their repellent personalities isolate them, driving them to seek validation from manipulative outgroups and Fifth columnists.


Rev. Right said…
One might almost believe the leftists had infiltrated the Republicans too, and they were purposefully playing the role of the (ineffectual) 'opposition party'.