Down with democracy

From Taki's.
What the 380 million Arabs need are property rights, not the right to cast a useless ballot every four or so years. If America and Europe insisted on only this, it would make millions of Arabs who hate us today love us overnight. Instead we have two medieval autocracies directing the agenda and competing with each other over who will pay terrorists more to overthrow Assad as long as they stay away from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two of the greatest humanitarian, social, and cultural disasters to befall this Earth. These so-called monarchies are poison. They behead 14-year-olds for stealing—ditto for Filipino female servants who get raped—and are enabling hardcore Islamists to cause havoc all over the Middle East as long as they stay away from their sandy hellholes. In the meantime, Western leaders continue chanting democracy’s mantra with breathtaking naiveté. They are aided and abetted by the media, especially the grotesque New York Times, whose reporters at times seem to be on the terrorists’ side, openly rooting against the only man to safeguard Christians’ rights in the region, President Assad.

I'll take things a step further and say democracy isn't really what 'America' needs either. Democracy is the town council voting on which road to pave or how to finance a water reservoir. Democracy is not a polity of 300 million people spread across a whole continent, most of whom don't like and don't relate to each other, voting on hugely existential and defining questions.

Democracy in the US is just a charade, no different than the corrupt, debased Senate of late Rome.


Anonymous said…
Well said! It's too bad that there's no solution to the problem like, oh -- federalism? Naaah.

If the federal government let people in the states decide how to run their states, some of them might choose policies that DC didn't like. We can't have that. :-P