The Cathedral

A comprehensive treatment, from Foseti, and more from The Reactivity Place.

The Reactivity Place outlines the three scientific premises of the Cathedral in its present-day iteration. These premises must be accepted without question for membership in good standing: Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), Human Neurological Uniformity (HNU), and Keynes-Fisher Macroeconomics (KFM).

So there's your handy rule-of-thumb for the day. If you're hearing about AGW, HNU or KFM, then it's the Cathedral talking.

It strikes me you could probably add the HIV/AIDS hypothesis to this list, along with the use of gas chambers in the Holocaust. They too are ideas the absolute veracity of which must never be questioned, because (so the reasoning goes) once people start picking at any single loose thread, the whole quilt is prone to unravel. This is the methodology of a paranoid, totalitarian system. Not just the "incorrect" answer but the very act of questioning is itself a sin.

Thus, AIDS must be caused by some arbitrary, killer-freight-train of a virus, because otherwise debauched, unhygienic behaviors are a factor and maybe there's a reason for traditional sexual mores after all. Likewise, one must never think that anything good (like a living wage, social safety net, high-trust, the common law) can ever come from ethnic solidarity. Rather, all correct thinking people must know that the next step from any sense of ethnic identity is the German Nazi Party, and those guys were diabolical beyond anything else that has ever been or ever will be, as evidenced by German engineers thinking up all sorts of devices for killing people in extruded, inordinate ways.


IA said…
I'm surprised you'd like the term cathedral used as a metaphor for modernism.

Also, I it makes no sense that nihilistic gnostics believe in anything at all, besides their own careers, or egos.

What people pretend to believe and what they do are two different things. For instance, Washington, DC is being invaded by whites who, I guess, would profess to your three things. Yet, they are trying to exclude blacks from schools and their neighborhoods.

They don't want restaurants, bars and starbucks government-run. They love free enterprise when it suits them.

And, I don't see them refraining from using or supporting a host of carbon-producing activities. Look at Al Gore.

Even worse, look at Hollywood. Do the stars believe in any of this stuff?
Steve said…
Germar Rudolf was taken by US Federal agents from the arms of his wife and two little boys and whisked off to a German prison, his crime? He wrote this book:

At least Northwestern University Professor Arthur Butz hasn't been sent to prison...yet
I hear you, but I've also talked to these people and they seem pretty damn sincere. The cognitive disconnect is huge but that's how a lot of people get through life.
SFG said…
What bothers me is that you can't find anyone who belives some of these things but not others. I think the evidence is pretty good for global warming, but human neurological uniformity's obviously false. I believe in the HIV/AIDS hypothesis (seems to fit what I've seen in the medical field) and the gas chambers (way too much documentary evidence, including documents from the Nazis themselves), and am agnostic about Keynes.

I've never seen a 'double-science' position where you believe in HBD and AGW, just like the 'double-life' position of anti-death-penalty and pro-life doesn't exist in modern political discourse (though the Catholic Church holds it).