Jim Goad discovers a defeated people

In Nashville.

I knew there would be poverty in Nashville—this is Tennessee, after all—but what astonished me was the utter lack of country rusticity. I wasn’t expecting Beverly Hills, but for some reason I thought the poor people would look more like Li’l Abner than Lil Jon. In short, I expected to see more hillbillies and fewer gangbangers and wiggers. But east Nashville is a place where “Music City” has a distinctly different meaning.

Sure, there were scraggly shirtless cigarette-smoking white homeless men clustered in packs under tree shade. There were sunburned bikers wearing German helmets. There were 400-pound grit-gobbling pasty women waddling out of diners with their 300-pound sausage-gnawing ofay mates. But after a while it became evident that anyone who might fit the cultural stereotype of a “redneck” skewed older than average.

Most of the younger proles on Nashville’s east side—and numerically they seemed about evenly split between blacks and whites—fit more of an “inner-city” stereotype. America’s underclass has by definition always been poor, but they used to be somewhat culturally different from one another. But now the hillbillies are dying out, and in the proletarian interracial culture wars, black urban culture has won. All the poor whites—or at least the “youths” and a surfeit of middle-aged (or perhaps prematurely aged) white welfare mothers—now seem to act black. And dress black. And talk black.

I don't think there is any other population group that hate their underclass kin more than Anglo-American elites. They moved the factories offshore, then they imported replacement workers for the non-tradeable sectors. They bussed in more violent blacks into their school districts, exiling much of the white working class from the city centers. They fed them godless entertainment, and they taught them that any notion of organic community was hateful and bigoted. Then they gave them welfare, which is proving as toxic and dysgenic to lower class whites as it has been to lower class blacks.


Anonymous said…
...and of course, their young are told that they are lazy and useless, so it is necessary to import millions from south of the border to replace them.
Jason said…
I understand what he's saying but who goes looking for hillbillies in the city? Especially when you're so close to Appalachia.
I Forgot said…
Well, I learned a new word: Ofay - A slang or derogatory term for white person.

I don't spend a lot of time in rural America so I don't know what's going on. I'd like to believe those old Scots-Irish still exist out there.

Unfortunately, I suspect the rural working and (increasingly) non-working poor--black, white and mestizo--are all being welfare-ized, Walmart-ized and Comcast-ized into the same generic trash culture. Crack cocaine and meth have really done a number on them as well.
Matt said…
I grew up in Nelson County, KY. It, even now, is a fairly rural county that hasn't yet transformed entirely into a Lousville exurb, but my experience is from about 15 years ago anyway.

In the county high school there were rednecks, but I wouldn't say they made up more than 15% of the population. The rednecks were usually racist and would have nothing to do with black culture, but there was a sizeable portion of people you could describe as "country" that were also kind of wiggerish. Mind you, this was a high school that was maybe 5% black, most of the blacks went to the city high school. (city = Bardstown)

I wonder now how things have changed, and if the old redneck culture is dying off.
Anonymous said…
Wow, you only noticed this phenomenon in East Nashville? Come by West Nashville sometime We're up to our eyeballs in whiggers here too!

The young fogey said…
Your paragraph is great. About 15 years ago, once I got far enough from yankeefied Raleigh, I spent some time in the real white South, in North Carolina. Nice.
SFG said…
Sad. I'm a rotten yankee from New York and hence the enemy of all you hold dear, but it always seemed to me rednecks were less degenerate than ghetto blacks. The shotgun wedding at least acknowledged the value of the two-parent family unit, and church gave some values at least. And farmers can grow their own food.
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