The Iron Laws

UPDATE: I've thought about this general theory of prestige some more since I first posted it on June 7. This is not theory but iron law:
When women and gays get access to the institution, it's no longer prestigious.
The Left's high-minded task of breaking the "glass ceiling" that suppresses, in particular, women and gays is as perenially doomed as that of Sisyphus. When the institution finally gets breached (i.e, the Left has kicked in the door, torn out the windows and knocked down the walls), high-performing males just decamp to the next unclimbed mountain and start again.

There are numerous examples, trivial and non-trivial:

The American Kennel Club competitions are mostly women and gays parading around their genetic-freakshow accessories. Men get tired of these poor schizophrenic, dysplastic beasts (and their dogs) and concentrate on schutzhund performance. (Form follows function, an elusive concept to the feminine brain).

The US military is becoming a gay, female pageant. So men just use it to punch their ticket on the way to jobs in the federal intelligence and defense bureaucracies. Or to the merc companies and getting paid $125K a year to be an international bad-ass.

The mainline Protestants: old queens and their female friends play dress-up and call themselves "priests" and "bishops." Men start playing golf on Sunday. Or join the ancient Apostolic rites.

I need a sociologist to describe and explain the phenomenon in scientific terms. Also, The Last Psychiatrist has talked about this before.


One of my concerns now that the Boy Scouts have caved is that the conservative copycat scouts can't offer the clout of being an Eagle Scout. But you're right. That will lose its clout.
Unknown said…
I agree to a point. The problem is not the "opening" of such-and-such a group to X "minority" status group. It is the, most often, prior and ongoing watering down of the original blueprint(you know, where the merit came from to start with) that sees the achievers and overachievers move elsewhere for challenge and validation.

The opening is subsequent, not a cause of the watering down. Once you make it to where "anyone can do it", why not open it to everyone?

I don't have an issue, from a purely biological basis, with women and the polygender/sex hordes joining in various tests, as long as those tests are not bent to accommodate. Which they most certainly are, without fail. (Not speaking of academics per se in this regard, but in the more physically and resolve trying tests and groups).
I'll take it a step further: straight males are the only reason the institution has any status to begin with. I can't even explicate why that is. But clearly nobody will ever sue to be allowed in an exclusive gay or female institution.

Julian O'Dea said…
I notice that half of the latest cadre of cadet astronauts named by NASA is female. Do you think being an astronaut will suffer in prestige?

I have no idea if any of them are gay.

First Gay Man in Space? Has someone claimed that title?