The Doom Loop, I

1. Dog and Man. The ancient contract between our two species has been breached. Dog breeders are creating sociopathic killing machines and mutants incapable of natural birth. Alexander Fiske-Harrison at Taki's relates the account of a 14-year old girl mauled to death by four beasts. As one commenter at the OP notes, the girl was probably menstruating though eating a meat pie in front of four feral animals would suffice. Man in our scientific age no longer understands Nature.

2. "A king out of water, in a dry and kingless age." Lawrence Auster died this Good Friday on the Western calendar after a long fight with pancreatic cancer, and receiving Unction in the Roman Rite. God rest his brilliant, angry soul. Unqualified Reservations remembers. (Friends of Lawrence are maintaining his blog, A View From The Right.)

3. The Last Psychiatrist gets drunk and posts about Social Security Disability. My line of work brings me a number of incidental contacts with this program. The taxpayer is being ripped off.

(Life is getting in the way of my favorite hobby, so I'm going to group more links and this seems a good category to post in seriatim. I've mentioned before about trying to strike a more upbeat tone, but the internet is where I go to be grumpy. Thankfully, I do have a life with positive people and much to enjoy.)


fnn said…
Selectively breeding dogs for psychotic behavior has been going on for a long time:
Newburyport, MA - While researching fatal pit bull attacks of the early to mid 1900s, we came across the most damaging fatal attack the pit bull community has ever known. To start, in 1901 a pet pit bull killed its owner's mistress, in 1909 a pet pit bull killed its owner's brother, in 1945, a pet pit bull killed a 21-month old baby (just three months before fighting pit bulls killed Doretta Zinke) and in 1947, a group of pit bulls killed an 11-year old boy in the Bronx.1
Further research showed that a pit bull owned by John P. Colby, producer of prized fighting dogs, killed his 2-year old nephew.
The Death of Bert Colby Leadbetter
On February 2, 1909, one of John P. Colby's renowned "Colby dogs" snatched his nephew by the neck, "ferociously shook him like a rag" breaking the child's backbone and spine. The child, Bert Colby Leadbetter was quickly killed. The boy's mother, Elizabeth Colby, had been visiting Colby's Newburyport home on Franklin Street when the incident occurred. The mother was left "prostrated" and her husband, Richard Leadbetter was summoned from Lynn.2
Bull Terrier Kills Child
Grabs Him by Throat at Newburyport.
Bert Leadbetter, 2 Years Old, of Lynn on Visit.
Uncle John P. Colby Owner of the Dog

NEWBURYPORT, Feb 2, 1909 -- Bert, the 2-year-old son of Mr and Mrs Walter Leadbetter of Lynn, was killed this afternoon by a fighting bull terrier, owned by his uncle, John P. Colby, at 36 Franklin st.
Mrs Leadbetter and her son had come here to visit her brother, who is a dog fancier. The little fellow wandered into the yard where the kennels are.
The dog sprang at the child's neck and growling ferociously shook him like a rag. Then the savage animal, dropping its prey, snapped at other portions of the body, inflicting a number of wounds.
Mr Colby ran out, drove the dog away and bore the child into the house. He was faintly breathing, but quickly all signs of life disappeared. Medical Examiner Hurd, who was called, found that the backbone and spine had been broken at the base of the brain. The other wounds, while serious, were not necessarily fatal.
The mother was prostrated. Mr Leadbetter was hastily summoned from Lynn.
Mr Colby was very secretive about the affair and declined to give out any details. The police were not notified. Patrolman Hayes, whose beat is at the south end, heard of the death and reported it to the marshal, who ordered an investigation. The patrolman was finally able to secure the particulars.
No action has been taken relative to the dog. Mr Colby told the medical examiner that his own child3 had played about the kennels and had never been molested.
The Myth of "Culling" Man-Biters
Pit bull advocates must resort to lies to protect the breed. One of these lies is that breeders of fighting dogs culled biting pit bulls (also known as man-biters4). They even say that children are especially safe with pit bulls because "instant" culling occurred when any human aggression was shown. We know this is untrue about breeders of fighting dogs, both past and current, as well as by pit bulls today who are returned to their owners after an attack unaltered.

Did John P. Colby cull the pit bull that killed his nephew? This is unknown. What is known is that Colby produced man-biters, such as the one that savaged Bert Colby Leadbetter, continued to breed fighting dogs and continued to fight his dogs long after 1909. The death of his nephew did not slow his breeding business down, which continues today over 100 years later.

Jason said…
Disagree with the "Dog and Man" article and its point, which I find ignorant but rather common place among those who either don't like or have never been exposed to dogs.

The above comment: "Pit bull advocates must resort to lies to protect the breed" is a rather sweeping overstatement. What lies to these advocates use? The overwhelming majority of pit bulls are never participants in an attack of any nature, either on dogs or other people.
The overwhelming majority of pit bulls are never participants in an attack of any nature, either on dogs or other people.

The problem is not the absolute numbers but the breed's outsized involvement in serious attacks. Most black people don't commit assault, so you could save at least $100K on your mortgage by not living in a majority-white school district. People don't take that bet because of the steep downside. Same with pit bulls as opposed to, say, bichons.

Pit bulls were bred for fighting in pits. Now that we've outlawed dogs fighting in pits, the breed has no more use and needs to be out-bred.

Likewise, we shouldn't breed spaniels with brains crammed into too-small skulls because we think neoteny is cute, or dachsunds with deteriorating spines because we think "weiner dogs" are funny.
Jason said…
I disagree again. The breed does not need to be out-bred, rather its pit fighting characteristics need to be out-bred. This happens quite a lot, when a specific characteristic is no longer required and is bred out of a dog. Dogs are amazingly adaptable, especially in the right hands, and the absolute loyalty, watchfulness and concern that many pits have for humans can be enhanced at the expense of its aggression - which is more likely to be aimed at other dogs or animals rather than humans. The Doberman is one such dog that has been modified away from much of its original viscious-ness.

The breeding abuses largely occur in mills, where they chase profits and have no interest the welfare of the animal. On the bright side, there are dogs such as the Borzoi in which breeders are so tight-nit that you do not often find those dogs with questionable origins.
God willing it can be done, but I don't know if you get the much-loved phenotype without the inbred aggression. Large numbers of these dogs would have to be culled and I don't see that happening.