Gay marriage, and other things

The Supreme Court concluded arguments yesterday on whether the U.S. Constitution prohibits a subordinate State from declaring that it won't redefine an institution that dates to pre-history. Round 2 commences today, with the Court considering the federal Defense of Marriage Act, presumably passed under the Constitution's federal marriage clause, or something like that. Steve Sailer considers the logical next item on society's agenda, namely, how will the rights of polygamists be protected? He concludes that African immigrants will succeed where fundamentalist Mormons and Arab Muslims have previously failed. Race usually trumps Sex on the victim hierarchy, and actual Africans (as opposed to African-Americans) pull a lot of rank indeed.

Undoubtedly this latest Great Leap Forward which modern society seems increasingly driven to make will have consequences, and one commenter at iSteve sees the growing acceptance of Islam--the living, breathing, call-to-prayer-in-your-neighborhood kind, not the re-enactors on the History Channel.

Right, and this may also be why Islam becomes popular. The polygnous African social and sexual environment is profoundly toxic for most non-Africans. With the increasing Africanization of society, Islam provides some defense from this toxicity by conceding limited polygamy while otherwise promoting a very strict sexual code.

This makes sense when you think about it. Say you're a young, white, working class man in debauched, atomized, social democratic Britain (or really, the West in general). You're taught all your life how untalented, inherently bigoted and unnecessary you are. ALL your institutions pile on with this message, including your civilization's own Church of England.

Islam gives you a rigid behavioral code, status, community, a sense of higher purpose and a long list of global conflicts to channel your violent impulses. What's not to like? Football (soccer) provides a good proxy, but spectator sports are expensive and vicarious. Islam is the real thing, and any poor schlep can do it. Post-modern Christianity, with its gospel of humble acquiescence and tolerance as ultimate virtue will not compete. Which would you rather be, a Holy Warrior or a social worker?

Interestingly, if you type "British men converting to Islam," Google will tell you what you really wanted to type was "British women converting to Islam." Women do appear to be the majority of converts. When white working class men start converting in large numbers, I expect the media will discover that Islam is patriarchal and undemocratic. Of course, if by that point Islam is where young men go because that's where the marriageable young women are, no amount of media tut-tutting will stop them.

See you on the prayer mats, boys.


Matt said…
This is part of why I have to scoff at the oft-given secular-rightist position that Christianity is pretty much BS, but happy BS that contributes to social order and therefore should be paid lip service. This is usually well-meant, but the position is completely self-defeating. If you want people to practice a religion, then you'd better get yourself to church and start setting the example. People don't believe in religions because they promote social order.
Anonymous said…
It's very strange watching this whole thing unfold. Every Republican seems like their falling over themselves to embrace "tolerance" and throw the religious right overboard.

It makes me believe that they always wanted to do this and are just using the Supreme Court as an excuse.
The "religious right" are a shrinking, aging demographic. The Republicans are following the votes.