Dr. Pat

The diagnosis
What killed the New [Republican] Majority?

First, there was mass immigration, which brought in 40 to 50 million people, legal and illegal, poor and working class, and almost all from the Third World. The GOP agreed to the importation of a vast new constituency that is now kicking the GOP into an early grave...

Second came party acquiescence in dropping half the nation off the income tax rolls, while making half dependent on government for food assistance, income support, rent, health care and the education of their kids from Head Start through Pell Grants...

Third, to accommodate its K Street bundlers, the GOP embraced globalism, empowering Corporate America to shed its U.S. labor force, move its plants to Mexico, Asia and China, bring its foreign-made goods back to the USA free of charge and pocket the difference.

Fourth, rather than bringing the troops home after our Cold War triumph and telling our allies the free rides were over, Bush I and II went crusading for a “New World Order” to “end tyranny in our world”...
The good doctor can promise no cure.
Yet, one matter over which the GOP had no control is the triumph of the counterculture.

What might be called the old morality—that abortion is the killing of an unborn child, an abomination, that homosexuality is unnatural and immoral—has been relegated by scores of millions, especially among the young, to the dark ages of the 20th century.

Americans who adhere to this traditional morality, rooted in Christian tradition and Biblical truth, are culturally outgunned and may now be outnumbered. They may have lost America for good.

What can the GOP do about this? Nothing.

What will the GOP do? Probably what comes naturally—declare itself “tolerant” and respectful of all views, pro-life and pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and pro-traditional marriage.

Maybe Mencius Moldbug has some ideas.


Anonymous said…
I don't think there's any political party in the entire world that hates their own voters more than the GOP.
The Republican Party needs to be dismantled. They are kept afloat by rigged election laws and serve only as false opposition at this point.
fnn said…
I'm sure no one is surprised that USG is supporting this:


The “European Community” and “Compassionate Left” also says nothing. The entire world is standing by silently, as Israel, the United States, and Turkey actively support, arm, and intervene on behalf of vicious Jihadists in Syria. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who has traditionally protected the Christian minority of Syria, has referred to Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s open collaboration with the extremists as a Neo-Ottoman ambition. International finance, Neo-Ottoman Turkey, and Zionist Israel find the ideology of Ba’athism, which is social-nationalist and was created by a Greek Orthodox Christian, to be far more threatening than the primitive Wahhabism being exported from Wall Street colonies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Bishop Lucas of Syria states “So far 138,000 Greek Orthodox Christians have been forced from their homes. Churches and monasteries both Orthodox and Catholic have been destroyed, a genocide on basis of religion”

In the Syrian city of Homs, an Islamic “Syrian Rebel” stronghold, the Christian population has already been annihilated. Hundreds of killings have already been reported in addition to many rapes of Christian women by the Zionist backed “Muslim Brotherhood”.

Very good. I've mentioned to people that a thing Israel fears and loathes is to be surrounded by civilized, non-sectarian Arabs.