The homosexual view

From Vox Popoli, comment at Jan. 8, 10:08 pm.
Actually, in our view the abnormality is in irrational discrimination imposed upon homosexuals and codified into federal and state codes. But we are fixing that abnormality state by state.

I can promise you that eventually, the true abnormality will be easily recognized: it will be seen in those that continue to irrationally denigrate homosexuals. You are on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of morality and the wrong side of ethics.

The abnormality is that homosexual behavior is unhygienic and infertile. Biology has a way of dealing with this even if you think there is no God.

No species can survive more than a very small minority engaging in homosexual behavior. It is not "normal" in any sense and there is an instinctive revulsion to homosexual acts in the vast majority of homo sapiens. Children are naturally repulsed by effeminate males and masculine females and have to be brainwashed out of it with "anti-bullying" laws. It's funny how the supposed rationalists always take a big detour around evolution when it's politically incorrect.

Recall too that from the time we let homosexuals out of the closet, it took about 15 years for them to spread a terminal venereal disease through their ranks. Now we deploy costly therapies to keep them alive, walking Petri dishes of antibiotic-resistant bugs. As the anti-retrovirals get ramped up, viruses will surely mutate in response.

To the plague-filled, childless end, this will be touted as the New Normal.


StukaPilot said…
Well said. Homosex is the essence of the contemporary Culture of Death that's destroying Western Civilization...along with porn, drugs, abortion, stem cell, euthanasia, pedophilia, bestiality...and state socialism in general. I'd specify the ethnic fraction pulling the strings on all of this, but don't wish to arouse the anti-Antisemites.
powerbeaut said…
I'm terribly sorry; would you be relieved if I were just to die right now? Perhaps I should have done so at the moment that I realized I was homosexual, about age 37 (I'm now almost 70)? Or maybe when I first had those abnormal thoughts, about age 13? Of course, then I wouldn't have had ma fairly distinguished career, currently being a Professor of Business Administration and Information Systems, or written the roughly 80 publications that I have, including some groundbreaking work in information systems implementation. Nor, for that matter, would I have sired a brilliant and beautiful daughter, who's now an MD in family practice. One of my dearest friends died suddenly last weekend, leaving a giant aching hole in the hearts of all of us who knew and loved her. Ought I to die right now, inflicting similar grief on all my loved ones and circle of friends and colleagues as just punishment for having known and tolerated me in their midst for so long? Actually, I do not plan on dying in the immediate future, although as my friend showed me, nothing in our plans is certain. But the longer I live and remain a productive and participating member of society, the more I give the lie to your despicable view of a significant number of your fellow human beings. Do unto others as you would be done by.
Homosexuals are not a "significant number." There is not anything to be gained from enabling the unhygienic behaviors of a childless, disease-prone demographic. Should homosexuals be treated with compassion as we are all sinners? Of course.

From your biography and age cohort, it's obvious homosexuals did better when their activities were discouraged.
Pauli said…
Great article, thanks.

From your biography and age cohort, it's obvious homosexuals did better when their activities were discouraged.

That's what I was thinking. Self-pity is so unattractive. Feeling the need to toot one's own horn likewise. Mix in some sarcasm and a few straw men and powerbeaut cooks up quite a crap cocktail.