A blessed and happy Feast to all. Christ is born! God became Man and dwelt on Earth.

I have posted this before but this rendition of the Coventry Carol always moves me.

A single set of short verses from an entire medieval pageant of English Mystery Plays is all that is left from history. That's how it works out sometimes. I am hearing it more often in stores and on radio. Three years ago I had never heard of this carol.

Here is a Nativity hymn from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church:

This Church was granted autocephaly by the Copts in 1959. The Chalcedonian/Non-Chalcedonian issue continues to divide us. However, the debate is ongoing over how much of the dispute was or is semantic and logistical. This is the sort of mess we Orthodox need to sort out for ourselves before undertaking more ambitious projects, but that's just my opinion. Anyway, this particular video illustrates true Orthodox mission: the Church takes her people as she finds them, revealing to the extant culture the Truth hidden in its pre-Christian solstices and cycles.

It is a day for family and feast, so I'll just post this other selection from last year.

Today is born of a Virgin He who holds the whole Creation in His hand.


american fez said…
If you haven't already, you might enjoy the 'Peter Warlock Christmas' recording that floats around on Spotify and various other music providers (what a horrible expression).
What, no comment on the Chalcedonian/Non-Chalcedonian issue?