Reap the whirlwind

Feminism is a cudgel wielded with great success by women in the upper percentiles of intelligence and/or attractiveness. It gets them access to upper percentile men or creates sinecures which would otherwise not exist in a viable society. Less intelligent and/or less attractive women--don't try this at home.

Exhibit A: Monica Lewinsky

Let's go down the punch list: somewhat attractive, check; somewhat intelligent, check; tony-sounding degree, check; liberal politics, check; public sinecure, check; access to powerful men, check; high standards (The President! Peer-group males? Don't TOUCH me, you misogynist creep!), check; unbridled sexuality, check.

Today, she's a fat, broke 40-year old living with mom. There's hopeful talk of $12M (Obama-level bucks--she needs to scale back her expectations) for a book from an obese middle-aged woman about what it was like to have sex with Bill Clinton. (Among other shortcomings, aging feminists don't understand human psychology). Net out taxes, debts and a Manhattan-lifestyle from a more realistic $3 million (do publishers pay even that kind of money anymore?) and don't plan on retiring just yet.

Steve Sailer posts about the fruits of female empowerment in other settings here. There's also the morbid account of the elderly, bipolar feminist Shulamith Firestone here.

The Prime Directive of feminism is, of course, reproductive choice, about which I've commented before. In practice, reproductive choice empowers women to have unbridled sex with dangerous, attractive strangers who make terrible husbands and fathers. Read the 2008 account of Katie Piper, one of the Daily Mail's recipients of their Inspirational Women Award here. You can read more about Katie Piper's hook-up with an exotic lover here. Again, feminism is not a good tactic when wielded by the less intelligent.

Scale back from these outliers to millions of less dramatic personal tragedies. We are going to reap the whirlwind from feminism.


alexis said…
If there were any doubt about what I was getting into when I started teaching, it was the chilling first day of professional development the week before the semester began. The motivational speaker was some bigmama whose theme was what we needed to do for "BayBay's Kids" when they came rolling in (99% black school/98% Free and Reduced Lunch). She did the mad black woman harangue for half an hour, with a couple of pauses for "let me hear you say yeah!" moments. There were many things that We Need To Stop, such as thinking that BayBay's kids can't succeed, that BayBay's kids are hoods, etc. But she saved her vitriol for the last thing on her list, one that drew the most cheers: We need to stop thinking that a child needs to have a father.
Within one month, a steel pipe fight, a shooting, multiple gang initiation beat downs, thefts, and a rape, all in a school in a town of less than 2000, provided plenty of evidence that this bitch needs to stop being paid to spread her poison.