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Gonorrhea Evades Antibiotics, Leaving Only One Drug To Treat Disease, from

Now if NPR really wanted to be ahead of the curve, they'd have titled this piece, The Clock Is Ticking On The Sexual Revolution. Surely that would generate some hits and lively discussion? Of course, the last place NPR's wealthy Jewish and SWPL donors want them to be is ahead of the curve. But I digress.

From the linked article:
"I think it should be a real clarion call to every American that we've got a looming public health crisis on our hands and potentially hundreds of thousands of cases of untreatable gonorrhea in this country every year," said William Smith, who heads the National Coalition of STD Directors.

Officials know adopting the new guidelines won't be easy. For one thing, ceftriaxone is an intra-muscular shot instead of a pill. And they want doctors to give it along with at least one other antibiotic and test patients to make sure they're cured.

But they know that all this will help only for a while, and that they can't stop the clock from ticking on the one drug left.

"We think it's only a matter of time based on the history of this organism until resistance does develop," Bolan said.

So scientists are searching for new combinations of antibiotics that might work. And officials are pushing for new weapons that might stay one step ahead of gonorrhea and the growing list of antibiotic-resistant infections.

How about don't have sex with everybody in sight? Get married and stay married? Scientists are baffled. What do we do?

There are several things going on here, all of which I've previously written about on this blog.

1. There is a biological basis for "old-fashioned" morality. And we owe a duty to the people on the left side of the IQ/time preference distribution to promulgate clear-cut social norms. When high-g liberals figured out the rules of social conservatism weren't necessarily for their benefit, they publicly abandoned them.

2. Secular society deifies science. Nobody wants to admit the Church and the patriarchy were right all along. So even as this looming epidemic could be avoided by some rather simple behavioral choices, the cry goes up for Holy Science to save us with its magic potions. Too bad the potions, having ramped up selection pressures on microbes, are now approaching diminishing returns. Meanwhile, we've exponentially increased transmission vectors and have human Petri dishes pumped full of antiretrovirals walking all around.

I could go on all day about point 2. Didn't these uber rational secularists realize that evolution has not stopped? Science, having unmoored itself from Creation, can't even fumble its way back to basic premises.

Incidentally, the CDC has tons of interactive data here that can be sorted in all kinds of impolitic ways.

3. One rough inference that's pretty easy to draw from the CDC's data: a majority of women sleep with a minority of men. Contrary to 50 years of feminist dogma, it is women, not men, who retain the bargaining power in the sexual relationship.


Scotsman said…
At the link, I noticed this as the 2nd top voted comment:

"Ludwig von Mises (GoReadMises) wrote:
This comment has been removed because it did not meet the Community Discussion Rules."

Was that you?

But of course, the pointy head commenters at NPR can only talk about how this is all the fault of the evil Pharmaceutical industry.
Anonymous said…
Spot on as usual.
Anonymous said…
"One rough inference that's pretty easy to draw from the CDC's data: a majority of women sleep with a minority of men."

Probably true, but based on this I can't tell:

CDC says women have more chlamydia and men have more syphilis. Gonorrhea is evenly distributed.

Can you elaborate?
Scotsman - no I didn't post that.

Anon - among white females, gonorrhea is higher by about 100 per 100,000. Syphilis, I have read somewhere, is showing up more among gay men. Like I said, a "rough inference." I would buttress it with this data point: the most attractive man is going to get a fraction of the hits on internet dating sites than even an average woman. Dalrock and Roissy have posted some more contextual numbers as well.

A better analogy might be that in the market for sex, men are the buyers and women are the sellers.
Ingemar said…
(off topic)


Are you a lawyer? When I read your old post about Hermann Goering you mentioned you defended liquor liability claims.

Anyway, I like your blog. You should write more, though given your profession, I understand why if you don't.
Superman said…
Anti-Gnostic should NOT write more. One of my favorite things about this blogger is that he posts only when he has a good idea, rather than following a schedule or commenting on every big news story.
Ingemar - yes. I'm an insurance defense litigator.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments.