Reproductive Choice

The Left has been on a real tear about "reproductive choice" these days, here, here and here. The party line is that but for abortion and birth control, women would be brood mares in thrall to Bible-thumping patriarchs who insist on ten children per (multiple) wife. That can only be the case under an authoritarian--even totalitarian--regime that treats women as property. Nobody seems to notice that the highest fertility rates are among net tax-consuming women, supposedly freed from male dependency by the beneficience of the State. Nobody asks what exactly is compelling women to have sexual intercourse with men who won't marry them and whom they are not inclined to marry.

The harsh truth is that whether a woman will face the supposedly awful dilemma of carrying a child to term or aborting her unborn child depends largely on 1) age, 2) biological fitness, and 3) attractiveness. Whether a woman's breeding partner can be relied upon to provide the necessary support for pregnancy and child-rearing depends entirely upon the woman's choice of whom she sleeps with, outside the abominations of rape and incest. And even in the supposedly rape-ridden world in which we are said to live, in a survey of 405 rape victims, 6.4% resulted in pregnancy. It takes a great leap of imagination to believe the abortion clinics are filled with victims of what is more properly described as genetic theft.

The shibboleth of "reproductive choice" is actually women railing against biological reality and moral agency.


idealart said…
Before the pill the man shared 50% of the responsibility in pregnancy. Once women began using birth control the responsibility for life and death shifted entirely onto their shoulders. Therefore, modern women are now forced to pursue a course of blame-shifting towards "society". This is why a term like "reproductive rights" masks what is really a fear of 100% burden, and why they are desparate for "free" birth control and abortions.