Inevitably, meet the newest member of the Florida Bar

Via Ad Orientem.
An illegal immigrant seeking admission to the Florida bar has met its requirements to become a lawyer, the bar said in a filing this week to the Florida Supreme Court in a case being watched closely by both sides of the immigration debate.

Jose Godinez-Samperio is one of a few illegal immigrants in different states trying to get law licenses after passing the local bar’s two-pronged test: an exam and a moral character review.

The US government devotes billions of dollars not to protecting the nation's territorial and cultural integrity, but to forcing acceptance of immigrants on the extant population. The military is devoted not to its classical role of defending the borders, but to Trotskyite foreign policy. Unless the Florida Supreme Court raises the obvious point that Godinez-Samperio has no more rights than a trespasser, the democratic consensus will undoubtedly be that he should take his place in that State's structure of governance.

If the preference is for "open" borders, dismantle the government and return immigration to its prior regime of contract and private property. Nobody will advocate this option because then no Big Daddy government to socialize the costs.