Still more thoughts on Penn State

Vox Popoli has a thread.
I truly don't care about Penn State football or college football in general. If college students want to stage athletic events, they can rent a field and buy insurance and equipment and practice facilities on their own dime. To equate the NCAA--a purely private, contractual body--with God's Holy Justice is downright comical. The NCAA only survives because of intense lobbying by vested interests to avoid government oversight and because it fellates the NBA and NFL by cartelizing college negroball. And, yet again, it is a useful distraction from the root hazard: homosexual access to young males.

I could have told you for nothing that big-time college football programs are structurally incapable of running foster care charities and you wouldn't have to hire Louis Freeh. This is like blaming the Marine Corps because some of its recruits rape 14-year old Okinawans.