Independent Inquiry: Penn State Does An Awful Job Running Foster Care Program

Ad Orientem: Independent Inquiry Slams Penn State

Former Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno and the senior leadership at the university covered up incidents of child sexual abuse on the Penn State campus by a former assistant football coach, showing “total disregard for the safety and welfare of the victims,” a team of investigators concluded in findings released Thursday morning. Former FBI director Louis Freeh, who along with his law firm conducted an independent review of the circumstances surrounding the scandal, blamed Paterno and university officials in his report for “catastrophic failures” that were reinforced by a Board of Trustees that had failed to create an environment of accountability.
This is actually deflection of the worst and most disingenuous kind. It is hardly surprising that executives running big-time college football simply had no clue how to deal with a homosexual co-executive who pretextually nested a program for "at-risk youths" (i.e., pederast feeding ground) in the middle of their athletic department.

The moral agency is not in dispute; these men are gravely culpable. But they spend 80 hours a week running big-time college athletics, not assuming that their old pal Jerry Sandusky is actually building an elaborate construct to enable sex with youngsters.

Freeh's report pins the blame on failure "to create an environment of accountability," as if that has anything remotely to do with the institutional mission of Penn State Football. This allows him to avoid ruffling important feathers over the root hazard: allowing homosexual men intimate access with male adolescents and teenagers.


Anonymous said…
Speaking of that, its no accident that one of the planks of the gay rights movement is lowering or abolishing age of consent laws.