Additional thoughts on Penn State

If we accept that homosexuals are likewise humans with normal sex drives, just a different orientation, then it makes no more sense to allow them unsupervised access to same-sex adolescents and teens than it does to allow heterosexual men unsupervised access to female adolescents and teens. Eventually, somebody is going to end up squeezing the Charmin. I don't know why there are vociferous efforts to deflect this debate toward pedophilia, which is a very different disorder, or to institutional "accountability," as if the prime directive of elite college football programs is to detect homosexuals' efforts to nest elaborate constructs which enable sex with easily-manipulated youths in their midst. Perhaps this deflection is entirely innocuous. Perhaps instead the homosexual lobby wants this debate squelched before it becomes apparent that sex with young post-pubescents, whose hormone-wracked bodies are in a state of nascent sexuality, is a particularized expression of the reproductive urge. I am willing to have the former hypothesis proved, but I'd bet that even the necessary data-gathering would be discouraged if not forbidden.


Good point. Maybe we need a new terms adolephilia. Pedophilia should be reserved for lust for real kids. Adolephilia would be lust--often gay lust--for old boys verging on manhood.