Random randomness

From Lawrence Auster's View From The Right

Completely random:


...The Metro Squad is investigating a 60-year-old jogger's murder in Raytown. Witnesses say Harry Stone was jogging when a car drove past and a gunman inside shot him.
Police in the Kansas City suburb say they are exploring new details. In addition, they are examining whether Harry Stone was killed as part of a gang initiation or a dare.

Authorities say there is even more urgency to track down the shooter because of the random nature of this crime.

"It was just such a random act of violence. There was no confrontation beforehand. It was just someone who was shot randomly walking down the street, it could have happened to anybody, it could have been anyone," Metro Squad detective Tom Prudden said.

Isn't this awful, this randomness? Random just lashes out at any old time, gunning you down on your morning jog, like getting hit by a meteor. There just doesn't seem to be any pattern to this, no commonalities, no categories. The Raytown police are baffled.

Maybe if we could apply some kind of rational analysis we might extrapolate something but hey, what can you do about randomness, man? Some phenomena will just remain shrouded in impenetrable mystery...