Against Protestantism

Mystagogy, via Ad Orientem.
...These, known by the name Evangelicals, have replaced theology with arbitrary reflection, the Mysteries and worship with sermons and religious songs, and prefer a Christianity that is based more on human reason than divine revelation.

They deny the Panagia and our Saints, the Mysteries and Icons, our blessed Tradition and Worship. They invite the Orthodox to celebrate without the Lamentation Hymns and the Epitaphios, without the Akathists' and the Paraklesis', without Holy Communion and the words of the Fathers, without honor towards the Martyrs and the righteous Ascetics, replacing all these things with dry religious rhetoric.

At a time when many who were deceived by the same and have felt betrayed and thirsty and are returning in groups to our Church - even in our own Metropolis in recent years many dozens have been catechized - they are trying to seduce innocent souls from the blessed baptismal font of our Orthodox Faith...

From the comments:
Pray for the protestant missionaries. I know of no cases in Greece, but several in Romania, in which protestants went to convert the Orthodox and instead were converted by the Orthodox.


Justin said…
eh, sounds good in theory. But in fact, where the rubber hits the road, the Catholic Church is expert at raising people who are ignorant of the principles of religion or Biblical knowledge, and experience the highest apostacy rates (children raised in the church who leave it).

The average Evangelical is far more knowledgable about the tenets of religion and about Biblical knowledge, and they have a much higher rate of retention of their youth.
Justin said…
Shall we even discuss the moribund status of Christian belief or Christian culture in the lands of former Christendom, with their high church rituals and established hierarchies?

Versus the vitalitiy and energy devoted to spreading the gospel and defending the faith by the members of the "low church" free church Protestant areas?

Your critique is fail.
I assume you'd agree the mainstream Protestant churches are dead. They have long since arrived at the logical endgame of unitarian-universalism. They are spiritually vacant, and demographically doomed.

Evangelical Protestantism has a great deal of money and power. They do many bold, ambitious things, but really it's just American Suburbanism. It will last so long as country club-youth-soccer-American Suburbia does. I am not being insulting, just noting there are powerful macro forces at work that will come to bear on that lifestyle.

There is a "creative destruction" in evangelical Protestantism that gives off a certain vitality. Groups coalesce around the latest fad (glossolalia, eschatology, 'messianic Judaism', etc.), project a superficially orthodox aspect for awhile, then blow up and scatter to the Next Big Thing. Now we're down to the 'home church' movement: the self-parody of individual Protestants wandering around with their King James Bibles.

Among the Protestant churches, I'd bet on the Anabaptist sects to be the only ones left standing.