Some thoughts on global warming

A comment from the thread "You don't say," at Vox Popoli.
I'm a believer in old fashioned pollution. You know, smog, rivers that catch fire, top soil erosion, that sort of thing. Let them fix that crap first then I'll listen to this end of the world stuff.

I'm with this guy. Get to work on the heat islands full of steel, glass and asphalt with a million cars going in and out every day, then I'll consider whether 'global warming' is an actual problem or an artifact.

Focus on public health practices that result in antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the US, then I'll worry about avian flu in China.

Explain to me why drug use and exponentially promiscuous anal intercourse wouldn't harm the immune system, then I'll fund your research on the great mystery virus.

Science, like capital markets, education, real estate, and on and on, is so full of externalities nobody can discern where the real value is. So they just settle on whatever's being subsidized at the moment.