Hidden agenda

I came across this blog post via Ad Orientem's sidebar to Vivificat.  The Catholic blogger Fr. John Zuhlsdorf details the activities of his Church's women-religious (i.e., nuns) over the past few decades. There are pictures.  Here is a sample:

It's pretty striking how the most enthusiastic activists for "reproductive choice" seem to be older and/or uglier women.  And even lesbians, who I would think don't have a dog in the fight.  I'm approaching 49 and can't imagine being an activist for, well, just about anything, so my advice to such women would be save your energy sisters.  Your age and low-sexual market value have already made your reproductive choice for you.

"Reproductive choice" a/k/a feminism strikes me as more an attempt to change the game by low-sexual market value women who want to compete for male attention without having nubility imposed as a metric. (Analog: Sailer's law of female journalism).

At the other end of the spectrum, feminism benefits polyamorous women who can't have an unplanned pregnancy slow them down in their hunt for The Big One.

In summary, feminism benefits high-status women by allowing them to displace men from high-status jobs (and/or facilitating their ability to get high-status men to impregnate them) and low-status women by convincing somebody to grant them sinecures which their looks and attitude would otherwise render unattainable.


Thank you for the link to Vivificat!

As for your post: OUCH! :-)