Fred on Trayvon

We Are Screwed, via Ad Orientem

Fred focuses on the bigger picture:
In all the outpourings of fury from blacks over the shooting, I have not encountered the slightest appreciation that it might have been a matter of self-defense. Not the slightest recognition that blacks indeed commit a great deal of violent crime and that whites might reasonably be wary of hooded young black males. The races are on utterly different pages.

Where does this leave us? The racial impasse is just that, an impasse, and not getting better. The hatred is deep and wide-spread. Television encourages it.

The very names of blacks reflect a profound distaste for European civilization, a desire for separate societies. Trayvon, Lateesha, Keeshawn—these all form part of an insuperable wall erected against a polity that blacks don’t like and don’t understand.

The divide extends to the White House. Obama said nothing unreasonable about the shooting, only that the country needed to get to the bottom of it. But he says nothing of the constant series of beatings and killings of whites by blacks. Various commentators have called him the first post-racial president. No. He is the first black president.

The policy of integration and the cult of diversity haven’t worked. Over and over the hatred boils up and underlines the immiscibility of black and white. OJ, Rodney King, Travon, the Duke case, Towana Brawley, all the gang. Racial crimes against whites are buried, but now show up on Drudge in cell-phone videos. The races are not melding culturally. We have hate crime laws, unidirectional as they are, because we have hate crimes. We have to have laws forcing togetherness because we don’t want togetherness.

Multiculturalism is a failed modern experiment. As Peter Brimelow says, it will all end in tears.

There is simply no way for so many biologically and culturally diverse peoples to form a coherent nation. There may, may be a way forward if the nuclear-backed bureaucracy can somehow be convinced to repeal every civil rights law everywhere, restoring the safe harbors of property rights and allowing people to interact or not interact as they please. Of course, there is practically no precedent for a government volunteering to put itself out of business.


Hail said…
The Republicans remain clueless on this issue.

Last Fall we saw the rise of Herman Cain -- Of the 10 or so then in the field, he was the least qualified by far, the least intelligent by far, and a bit of a buffoon. As such, we can only conclude that his poll rise (till scandal after scandal forced him to disgracefully bow out), his rise in the polls was because he was Black and said vaguely conservative things. Many Republicans believe in the moral superiority of Nonwhites (especially Blacks and Jews), as we have all been taught to do these past few decades.

Sarah Palin is now demanding that a Black Islamocentrist named Allan West be Romney's vice presidential pick.
Anonymous said…
One imagines there'll be an increasingly Jewish membership of AR and its analogues, as the multicultural project comes apart.