More on Charles Murray

Charles Murray's latest work has provoked a lot of hue and cry from the usual suspects. Tyler Cowen posted the NYT's David Brooks own ineffectual grapplings at his excellent Marginal Revolution. Commenter RmDeep observes:
This thread is hilarious as all the high-g atheistic libertarians belatedly realize that social conservativism is not for their benefit, but for the benefit of the left half of the bell curve.


Anonymous said…
The smart set lives vicariously through the proles who "keep it real" for them. One of Tom Wolfe's grand themes.
Anonymous said…

Here's your cue!
Here is my comment:

Libertarianism is a political philosophy of lower time preference individuals. Bottom line, there is a reason that Ron Paul rallies and Mises Circle meet-ups are whiter than an Alabama country club.

Libertarianism’s opponents forthrightly describe it as a philosophy of angry white guys. There are significant debates raging over evolutionary psychology and human biodiversity which the Institute’s scholars will at some point be unable to avoid.
Anonymous said…
You're a good man, but a lonely one. I mean it's lonely being a libertarian, but a racially realistic one, that's real solitude.
Anonymous said…
Libertarians are people who would gain more from the reduction of the state then they would lose. Generally, that means thier talents are in easily transferable things (income from upper middle class office jobs which can easily be tracked by the government).