The Neocons' Ultimate Enemy

Steve Sailer posits that the current agitation against Syria is motivated by pure boredom, now that neo-con policy has been fully immanentized in no less than three foreign countries. After a decade of police action, Afghanistan remains a primitive sinkhole that will revert to Taliban rule as soon as the last NATO C-130 takes off. We've left Iraq in a Mexican standoff between Kurds, Sunnis and Shia, all warily eyeballing each other over oil revenues. Now that we've smashed all the ruling institutions in Libya, that benighted nation is politely ignored, as it descends into anarcho-tyranny.

So what's a neo-conservative with time on his hands and columns to write going to do? Call for the invasion of Syria, that's what! Never mind that Syria is holy, Christian land, that it is home to a refined, proud people who literally invented civilization, and that it hosts a Christian Patriarch in its capital city.

Why would the Jews want to overthrow tolerant, secular dictatorships in Egypt, Libya and Syria to replace them with Sunni Islam theocracies bankrolled by the Turks and Gulf Arabs? This strikes me as beyond mere boredom. I've remarked before on the things that bring the rabble out of the woodwork at iSteve, and Israel is one of them. The Zionists are beside themselves over Syria and after that, Iran.

There is a nihilistic streak in modern Judaism and I don't think these people will be happy until they've brought the whole Middle East down in a fiery gotterdammerung of their own making. Then the survivors will emigrate to New York City and drag themselves by their elbows to Junior's Bakery in Brooklyn, telling everyone it was a second Holocaust over there.


Anonymous said…
The assault on Orthodoxy continues.