What the Left left behind

Some causes the Left has quietly tiptoed away from:

1. The working class. The split appears to have come to a head with the 1970 Hard Hat Riot in New York. Since then, tax and monetary policy has been manipulated to offshore most blue-collar work, and to "inshore" Third World labor to raise the supply of domestic blue-collar workers.

2. Ethnic nationalism. You really don't see Black Power salutes any more. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gets his own millenium, but Malcolm X is sure as hell not going to get a thirty-foot statue on the Washington Mall. And Orthodox Serbians? Hungarian Catholics? NATO can't wait for an excuse to bomb them into the Stone Age.

3. Environmental advocacy. Here is a fairly typical jeremiad. Note the passive voice, as if deforestation and fauna extinction are just happening in Africa, like an earthquake or tidal wave. I don't hear anybody lecturing China or India on their appalling industrial practices. David Gelbaum's purchase of the Sierra Club is well-documented. National parks in the American Southwest are becoming no-go zones. Mother Jones, Audubon and other environmental groups don't seem to be covering these crucial topics.

4. Anti-war. Low-grade warfare to spread democratic values has been constant since the Clinton administration, and the military is devolving into a gay-friendly, pro-female, affirmative action pageant. (Let me know if you need to see photographic evidence). Fortunately for the Trotskyites (in both the Democratic and Republican parties), straight white males are still there to fly air support and staff the Special Forces and merc outfits.

5. Economic populism. Anybody see ANY Democrats of prominence out there on the pickets with the Occupy movement? Does anybody remember any prominent advocates for the Left arguing against TARP and the other bailouts of 2008--the greatest propping up of asset values and wealth transfer in US history? Apparently, the only objection from liberals like Paul Krugman was that the bankers just didn't become outright government employees. Speaking of which, protecting the collective bargaining privileges of government employees appears to be as far as the Left's economic populism extends.

So if it's not the working class, ethnic nationalism, the environment, war or economic opportunity, what's it going to be? Well obviously, the pivotal and fundamental Issue Of Our Time is the right of the people to engage in sexual deviancy.


american fez said…
Calling someone a "prude" is as easy (and as damning) as calling someone a racist or a fascist - this is why the Leftists promote sexual deviancy. I've been called all three in my time.
B322 said…
Knowing that the right (and Republicans in particular) are fallible and imperfect, I'm often trying to squeeze the left for something of value. Environmentalism, distrust of corporations, opposition to Federal wiretapping, concern for the hard-hatted worker, anti-war vehemence--none of these things is perfect or complete but they are all good impulses and should be present on at least one wing of the political spectrum.

Blood from a turnip. They can't even legalize marijuana (something I support with some ambivalence).