Righteous effing James Garner

Jim Rockford speaks to OWS.

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Anonymous said…
Imagine a character in a modern crime drama expressing such a viewpoint.

He would have to be the white male perp, guilty of some heinous crime against a woman or person of color.
Anonymous said…
Crime dramas today are female fantasies where the central (strong female) character, assisted by a cast of minorities, brings justice to bear on unattractive white male father figures.
I remember seeing a Law & Order episode where drug-dealing bar owners from -- wait for it -- South Africa were terrorizing a neighborhood.
Ingemar said…
When you said "South African" I immediately thought of black people. I forgot that only white South Africans are called South African.
Yes, Afrikaners. Dangerous people.
Anonymous said…
passed this one one to friends. Hilarious.
Dirichlet said…
Do you post on MPC, A-G ?
Dirichlet said…
MyPostingCareer, mang.

Get your account and step in the chat room, and bring some good non-PC jokes.