Please help Georgia agri-business

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports multi-million dollar losses due to Georgia immigration enforcement, none of which goes beyond the federal criteria for residence in this country.

The immigration debate is faith-based. Robert Solow won a Nobel prize for modeling the fact that higher capital per worker leads to higher output per worker. But when it comes to immigration, too much is never enough. Producer inputs per worker must fall to Third World levels and somehow we all get rich. Why doesn't this magic formula work in the Third World?

Apparently these companies have no solution to E-Verify other than to let crops rot in the field. Surely the Southern planters would agree: there is no economically viable way to grow cotton without slave labor. Oh, but then this got invented.

A commenter on the AJC thread sums things up nicely.
I believe that we have already settled the plantations owner’s right to use slave labor. They simply changed to a lighter color slave and now pay them what it used to cost to house them – a thin veil if you ask me. I do believe that those who remain reliant on this labor should fail – smaller and local agribusiness’ will take up the slack quickly.


Anonymous said…

your comments are awaited. has been tiptoeing around HBD for an absurdly long time.
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absurd, unless you consider the ethnicity of many of the donours.

some powers are not to be messed with.