Roissy's return

As Chateau Heartiste, and a look at Sinead O'Connor



Sinead drew some attention because she's apparently prepared to go the extra mile for sex at this point. Nubile looks and fertility having long since been overdrawn, her currency in the sexual marketplace is now kink.

Gnostic society tells women they are just like men: that they have the same choices as men; that they should be judged by the same standards as men; that they have the same biological timelines as men. Women therefore need not worry about capitalizing on their peak of attractiveness and fertility. Go to grad school, don't just get a job--get a career, hold out, maintain your standards: tall, wealthy, athletic, powerful, famous. There's plenty of time. Forty is the new twenty! You can always settle down with Mr. Right [i.e., George Clooney] once he gets tired of immature [i.e., younger, hotter] women [and he will, he will] and is ready to let you quit work and spend thousands of dollars trying to coax your aging eggs into a healthy brood. Right? Right?


Durendal said…
ugh, she looks terrible
Ryu said…
Mighty suspicous there. Where'd you find that picture good buddy?

Sometimes a buzzcut can look good if a woman has a cute face. Sinead has lost hers, and unfortunately, it's a tragedy all women seem to go through.
I think that second pic is the Sydney Morning Herald. You can google her. It's been a long forty-four years.

To her credit she's had four kids. Unfortunately she can't seem to keep them in an intact family.
Anonymous said…
Or maybe women can pursue a career and have a sucessful life without worrying about looking good for 'Mr Right' because we don't need a romantic partner to complete our lives.