Breivik is wrong

Scandinavia will not be overrun by dark-skinned Muslims.

From this iSteve commenter:

It is very true that Norway's current immigration and assimilation policies are unsustainable, and there will be a national debate once a decent period of mourning has passed. I don't think that Somalis are being deliberately imported, though. Indeed, "new Norwegians" of Pakistani origin would like very much to restrict the immigration of Poles (never gonna happen, since Poles are entitled to seek employment in Norway under the EEA Agreement). Besides, the majority of Poles are skilled in building trades, unlike illiterate nephews from the Punjab. Taxis are one thing, but there are still lots of kitchens to be remodeled.

What I find ludicrous is the idea that somehow Norway will be overrun by darked-skinned Muslim Somalis and Pakistanis (or Hindu Tamils, for that matter). By and large, non-Western immigrants in Norway occupy very vulnerable occupational niches. They are also adapting very poorly to life at 60 degrees north and higher (which thanks to their skin pigmentation they can do absolutely nothing about). All the sequelae of vitamin D deficiency are endemic in these populations, as one would expect: diabetes, obesity, weak bones and skin problems. And I am referring to those who immigrated as adults. Their Norwegian-born children will suffer the same debilities, only at an earlier age. Where we see the "March of the Penguins" on city streets in immigrant neighborhoods in Oslo, in 20 years, Norwegian-born "niqabi girls" will be hobbling about town with canes. The will have a very hard time carrying babies to term.

Mother Nature is a hanging judge, and there is no appeal.