Two Dooms


1. The Norwegian Left now has its Reichstag fire and will exploit it for all its worth. Gun control, "tolerance," increased spying on Norwegians by their own government, all will be frantically and continuously broadcast to the populace.

2. All change occurs at the margins, and Breivik is on that very satanic edge. Everybody has their breaking point and envelope of what they are capable. Breivik hit his and, being intelligent and disciplined as well as horribly, brutally manic, inflicted an appalling toll. The good news, and the only good news, is that most people aren't Breiviks or Unabombers or Timothy McVeighs.

Between these two dooms there is not a lot of common ground for a political center to control the outcome.

An event that was reported and quickly passed on by the press was the destruction of Serrano's "Piss Christ" by Catholic young people in Avignon. Americans are fed a very careful diet of stories from Europe designed to impress them with how enlightened and content Europeans are. But then you hear about places like Avignon and Norway and it turns out not everybody is on board for the Great Neo-Liberal Project.

Europe has been behaving itself for over 60 years thanks to the heavy-handed presence of a US hegemon that has made clear the party line on globalism. The money for that arrangement is running out on both sides of the pond: Europe's welfare-state pie is shrinking and the US can no longer afford its vast, trans-global military.

When the Europeans erupt again (as they have done periodically for their entire existence), I don't think it will be to defend globalism.


Ingemar said…
On a tangent, I don't fault people for not knowing where such-and-such a European country is on a map because the borders change every ten goddamn years.