The Camp of the Saints


This is not "immigration." This is conquest, without a shot being fired.

Moving next door to Libya, I predict Gaddafi's endgame:

Free boat ticket for all rebels to France and Italy.

That's why NATO's all over this one, because right now Sarko and Berlusconi are shitting bricks.

Note that the linked pictures depict what happens when the rebels win.


Anonymous said…
Frankly, I can't tell much difference between the North Africans and the Italian police trying to hold them back. They seem to be the same genetic stock. No great surprise there.

This is why Northern Euros need to separate from Meds if we're to survive.
Scotsman said…
I see no end in sight. The Camp of the Saints seems to be our destiny.
Hail said…
Your first sentences imply, "If Gaddafi wins: A wave of Nonwhite Boat People"

Your final sentence iplies, "If the 'Rebels' win: A wave of Nonwhite Boat People".

Which is it?

You also seem to imply that Sarkolean the Magnificent is secretly a bitter opponent of a Nonwhite Europe... it would be more characteristic of him to welcome such a vibrant burst of Diversity.

It's both. A win-win for Diversity in Europe.

The rebels are already talking terms for a cease-fire (translation, we're hopelessly outnumbered). Gaddafi will offload the troublemakers a la a Mariel-style boatlift and, if the Gaddafi government falls, social unrest the immigrants can plead as refugee status.

Re: Sarko

Recall he cleared out a gypsy camp. I'm guessing somebody in his circle of acquaintances was victimized by a Roma.

In other words, when even the French elite realize they can't build enough banlieuesto keep Paris from looking like Tripoli they'll do what seems to them consistent with their ideals: transform Libya into a social democratic paradise so nobody will leave.
Hail said…
That seems a reasonable assessment of the end-outcome of SarkObama's Libyan War.

And it need not be only France. Sweden today has something near 200,000 more Iraqis than it did 10 years ago, thanks to another recent war.
Hail said…
Sarkozy is an enigmatic character.

Of ethnically-Jewish 20th-century immigrant origin, yet he won (so many say) be stealing nationalistic Le-Pen voters. That was via his tough talk that he instantly abandoned after winning (of course).

You say he deported Gypsies, yet he also openly demands racial mixing among his subjects!

Even at this late date, we don't hear the likes of ol' Barry Hussein openly demanding more racial mixing the way Rabbi Sarkozy does. (The only time I recall the Affirmative Action President saying this was at his inaugural: "we must dissolve lines of tribe").