New Year's in Egypt

Car Bomb Kills 21 at Egyptian Church via Ad Orientem
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (AP) — Christians clashed with Egyptian police in the northern city of Alexandria on Saturday, furious over an apparent suicide bombing against worshippers leaving a New Year's Mass at a church that killed at least 21 people. It was the worst violence against the country's Christian minority in a decade.

The Interior Ministry blamed "foreign elements," and the Alexandria governor accused al-Qaida, pointing to the terror network's branch in Iraq, which has carried out a string of attacks on Christians there and has threatened Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Christian community as well.

Egypt's government has long insisted that the terror network does not have a significant presence in the country, and it has never been conclusively linked to any attacks here. If al-Qaida was involved, it raises the prospect of a serious new security threat within Egypt. (continued at link)

I am going to suggest that there is no 'foreign element' and this attack was not directed by Old Sammy Bin Laden in his super-secret underground fortress in Pakistan. Events indicate a pan-Islamic opinion that there is no compelling reason for Christianity to be preserved in their lands. At worst, Christians will be slaughtered in their very houses of worship.

If Muslims don't believe in multi-culturalism in their own lands, why do we grant it to them here?

If diversity + proximity = violence elsewhere, why do we assume things will be different here?

God rest the souls of His Coptic faithful.