UN's International Court of Justice declares multiculturalism a spent force

Just kidding. What they actually said was Kosovo was legally entitled to declare its independent and sovereign status from Serbia. The NATO powers and Kosovars are taking the advisory opinion and running with it, practically ready to give this impoverished region that's half the size of New Hampshire a seat on the Security Council.

Now, I'm actually one of those people who thinks one United States is too few--there should be fifty state sovereigns, and for that matter, why not five hundred? Of course, Kosovo is a free-rider, pathetically dependent on foreign aid and third party maintenance of the public order. There are probably American counties more autarchic than this landlocked region of Albanian Muslims.

One wonders why the UN/NATO elites have decided to grab this particular tiger by the tail. Maybe they read Pat Buchanan and have just decided to go with the flow.


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