Save the burqas...

pleads Rod Dreher, via Serge.

The ironic part of Dreher's plea for tolerance is that such conundrums were simply not an issue for the Christendom of Dreher's historic Faith. It is only a problem for Christians under the heel of an Atheist State that, as Dreher believes, could turn on a dime on his creed. So it turns out the real problem is a secular globalist government that puts us on the horns of these particular dilemmas. And let's be honest, Dreher's real motivation is not fear of religious persecution, but fear of professional and personal ostracism from criticizing the State's multicultural agenda.

And just how far is Dreher willing to take this? Today the Sikh who enforces in-marriage with physical violence, tommorow our nuns? Today the Congolese animist who sacrifices albinos, tomorrow our nuns?

France is a secular democracy. The dar al-Islam is antithetical to secular democracy. France is trying to force Arab and African Wahabbists and Shi'ites to become citizens of equal standing with native French, because the alternative is Muslim ghettoes which are no-go zones for everybody else.

The Great Gamble of the West is that Muslims will show reciprocal tolerance in those areas where the West allows them to become a market-dominant majority. Perhaps this may work with urbane Syrians (who, by the way, keep a heavy and ruthless hand on Islamic fundamentalists). Otherwise, I'd prefer those who wish to make that gamble do so with their own patrimony.

All of this begs the question why Western governments decided that this particular Great Leap Forward had to be made in the first instance. In inviting Muslims to our shore, we buy into a triangular conflict which we did not have to purchase.

I wonder what the martyred emperor Constantine XI Paleologos thinks of all this? Or perhaps God in His mercy has spared him the knowledge. I think I'll ask Rod.


Daniel said…
I'm just wondering how long it will be till the whole egalitarian social democracy experiment blows up in everyone's collective face. This was already worthy of concern before we in the west decided to invite the world, but adding Muslims into this already foul brew is just going to make it more ugly.

Dreher always struck me as a man looking for a political gimmick.

The decision not to come to Constantine XI's aid, after he begged the West for help, has proven to be a very fateful move that will eventually destroy us.