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Roissy a/k/a Citizen Renegade

I have been reading Roissy for the past two years. He is a PUA who, for the most part, dispenses advice on pumping and dumping women. Beneath the bluster and decadence is a very substantive, traditionalist message. All men, single and married, are well advised to read his posts. Vox Popoli is a fan, and conservative, monogamous 51-year old Steve Sailer links him.

Roissy is one of those people despised in turn by the Left for his reactionary opinions and by the Right for his (purportedly) dissolute lifestyle. Anybody demonized by all sides of the political spectrum is usually worth a listen in my experience.

Game is the equalizer for men seeking female sexual partners in feminist society, and it works whether a man seeks a one night stand or his partner in the marriage sacrament. Game is a tremendous affront to the ruling cultural Marxists who insist, in the face of all scientific evidence to the contrary, that men and women are fundamentally the same and that human evolution has ceased.


Dirichlet said…
Sure Roissy is a good read, but my problem with "Game" theorists comes from the fact that, even though they are deep-down traditional guys, they still take advantage of contemporary social conditions. To quote this post from Roissy's blog:

You want to put in the hard work turning this ship around, be my guest. The sordid status quo benefits me. It would really cramp my style if the pool of attractive young women suddenly dried up from a rush to the altar and the nursery.

I don't know what to say. Well, at least they are better than the feminized limp-wristed gender relativists who feel guilty for having been born with a penis.
It's a problem, though I'm guessing his lifestyle and outlook are less debauched in real life.

At some age, even for men, all the Game in the world won't make up for the fact that you devoted your energies to chasing tail instead of building your livelihood.