How to run an NFL team

Falcons welcome Robinson, ship Houston to Lions
... "This is something I've always dreamed about growing up in Athens, Ga.," Robinson said. "This was the first professional team that I wanted to play for. I'm home. This is where I need to be. Here is where I'm most comfortable."

Blank, general manager Thomas Dimitroff and coach Mike Smith (FSY) courted Turner in similar fashion before he signed a six-year, $34.5 million deal with $15 million guaranteed in early March 2009.

"We want to create an environment where a player really wants to be here, not because of the contract, but because ... of our culture, our coaching staff and the resources we make available," Blank said. "It's a credit to our organization that whom we would argue was the top cornerback available this year in free agency made only one stop."

Several years ago, I heard a Falcons player interviewed on local sports-talk. The hosts were asking in goggle-eyed, frat-boy amazement why he had a home way out in the suburbs instead of in town with the clubs, the scene, a posse, etc. His response was he didn't need the temptation because, "Mr. Blank doesn't put up with it."


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